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A Beginner’s Guide To Healing Crystals

Whether they’re being used in skincare, displayed in homes, carried in handbags or even used in water-bottle filters, crystals are everywhere. But is there science behind the stones? And which ones could help you? By DANIELLE FOX

Miranda Kerr is a believer in the positive effects of crystals – all the products in her Kora Organics beauty collection are filtered through rose quartz crystals

Victoria Beckham is said to keep crystals in her pocket for ‘positive energy’; Adele holds crystals in her palms while singing on stage; Miranda Kerr – who filters the products in her Kora Organics skincare line through rose quartz – also stashes a small heart-shaped crystal in her bra. But can the much-debated spiritual powers of crystals work in your skincare regime? The idea isn’t new: semi-precious stones have been believed to possess healing powers by everyone from the Aztecs to Ayurvedic doctors, and the Ancient Egyptians used crystals to keep their skin youthful. Today, jade facial rollers are an Instagram sensation; you can sip from gemstone-infused water bottles, and even install a crystal shower head in your home. “People are getting more attuned with themselves and the subtle energies around them,” says Holly Starr, Kerr’s go-to crystal guru. “We all want to effect change, and crystals are tools that can help us.”

While there is little scientific evidence to support the benefits of crystals, they are said to have a unique vibration that works with our chemistry. We channel the energy of a crystal, which in turn is said to affect our own energy levels, increasing cellular activity, microcirculation and clarity. Some stones provide physical benefits, such as exfoliation or shimmer. When it comes to skincare, jade-infused products should balance your skin, diamond helps with clarity, rose quartz brings comfort, sapphire aids sleep and anxiety, and ruby is a great energy booster.

Azalea Lee, founder of Place 8 Healing in Los Angeles, shares four super-helpful gems to start your collection with…


For anxiety or stress

“We’re always putting off our needs in favor of our ambition to get things done. Hematite helps you to feel grounded and centered if your mind and body are disconnected (when you’re stressed, anxious, have a lock of focus or need motivation). Keep it in your lap or somewhere close to your skin for the best effect.”

To eliminate negativity

“Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal that turns negative energy into a positive or neutral charge. When you’re channeling any bad feelings, squeeze the stone, which absorbs the negative energy from your body; the bigger the crystal, the better. It also protects you from harmful electromagnetic energy, so keep it by your bedside table or desktop at work.”

The crystal for everyone

“You can always reap the benefits of universal love, so carry rose quartz with you everywhere. Rather than helping you to find romance, it’s about the meaning of life and a neutral love; how you should treat every circumstance with respect and care. When meditating, hold it by its chakra – your heart.”

For emotional support

“For those coming to terms with difficult emotions such as grief or heartbreak, malachite supports your confrontation with those suppressed feelings. Avoiding grief may block your heart chakra, leaving you with a dull feeling, so place malachite by your bed and, every night, make a silent agreement with it to start the healing process: ‘Help me to let go and release feelings that are of no use to me.’”