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Power tools: 7 skincare gadgets we swear by

From crystal face rollers to line smoothers, there are now so many beauty devices available to buy that we’re fast becoming our very own at-home skin clinicians. But which gadget does what? NEWBY HANDS picks seven of the best tools that are easy to use and deliver results


THE CRYSTAL FACE ROLLER Angela Caglia Vibrating Rose Quartz Sculpting Roller

This updated version of celebrity esthetician Angela Caglia’s famous face roller now has the added attraction of a gentle vibration mode to further de-puff your face and eye area. Just be sure to roll it upwards and outwards from the center of the face, not back and forth, to release the trapped fluid. It also stimulates circulation for healthier, brighter skin – use it over a sheet mask to give you even better absorption.

THE FACE SCULPTOR Ziip Beauty Device

This muscle-firming, nanocurrent device fits neatly into the palm of your hand, making it almost intuitive to use as you work it painlessly over jawline, cheek and brows. Plus, it comes with an app that wirelessly connects you to quick workouts, with beeps to time you through each routine. Use it three times a week to refine and streamline features, but just a one-off will give you the perfect pre-event or pre-makeup ‘refresher’.

THE FACE CUP Antonia Burrell Facial Lift in a Box

Low-tech but highly impressive, these pliable face cups suction on to well-oiled skin (just squeeze and place onto your face), allowing you to glide the cup upwards to lift (working straight up from jawline or brows) or sculpt (working diagonally upwards and outwards). Within minutes, you’ll see a contoured difference as the cup shifts fluid, plumps skin and redefines facial features.


Blending holistic health and beauty, this classic Chinese treatment uses a hand-held, curved jade massager that you work over skin, muscle and connective tissue. As well as relieving fluid retention, releasing tight tissue and lifting muscles (similar to a face roller), the massager also works on acupressure points to ease headaches or jaw tension.

THE FACE MASSAGER Joanna Czech Facial Massager

For clients who are unable to get to her studios in Dallas and New York, facialist Joanna Czech has devised a tool to provide the same firming and reshaping massage that she does herself, lifting and holding muscles as you work it over jaw, cheeks and brows. To lift the face, roll towards your hairline with the handle up and the two rollers pulled behind; to drain puffiness, flip it round and push the rollers upwards. Even better, use it over a sheet mask to hydrate and lift in one.

THE LED MASK MZ Skin Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device

Created by Dr Maryam Zamani, this mask truly brings the high-tech world of the doctor’s clinic into your home, and with five different-colored LED lights, it gives you the full rainbow of treatments. Use red light to boost collagen and calm inflammation; blue to neutralize acne bacteria (the best spot treatment); green to reduce the effects of broken capillaries and pigmentation; yellow to soothe redness; and white to calm sensitivity. Use three times a week for up to half an hour.


While most microcurrent devices firm up the face, the latest NuFace addition works to smooth out lines, especially the ‘11s’ between the brows and around the mouth and eyes. Best of all, this is super-simple to use. It has its own serum, which you work into your chosen area for three minutes, five times a week, to soften lines – over time, fine lines can almost disappear.


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