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Bangles Vs Bracelets: Which Style Are You?

Two of fine jewelry’s leading collectors and tastemakers, MISHA DAUD and DANIELLE MIELE, make the case for their wrist candy of choice. Read on to decide which style will suit you best

Misha Daud takes a joyful, layered approach to wrist stacking with bracelets…

Misha Daud, fine-jewelry and watch collector, and @watch_fashionista content creator

“To bangle or not to bangle… is that even a question? Anyone who knows me knows that my wrist isn’t complete without some serious bangle candy; the bangle is a staple no woman should be without. Solid and striking, it is a piece that can be worn alone or as an addition to anything else on the wrist. In my opinion, it also makes every watch look better.

“Arguably, the most coveted and famous of bangles is the Cartier ‘Love’ design. I never leave home without one (or three) of the pavé-diamond iterations, and, if you ask most women, it is the bangle at the top of their wish list. By sticking to classics, such as Suzanne Kalan’s ‘Fireworks’ diamond designs, your wrist stack will never go out of style. Plus, while bracelets can tangle and fight with each other for space, bangles never compete – they will stack neatly next to one another so you can mix and match styles and brands.

“The bangle is never lost, either: if you’re accessorizing a watch, they give it stature; if you are wearing one alone, it never looks underdressed. Wear one or two for day, then stack many up for night. Another joy? The difference in sizing. Wrap a snake bangle on each wrist to take you to the most formal of dinners or parties, or wear one stacked with Cartier’s large ‘Panthère de Cartier’ watch. Bangles are to be noticed – they are not a wallflower, so be bold with them and let yourself shine.” @watch_fashionista

…whereas Danielle Miele prefers the delicacy of a bracelet – though also adopts a ‘more is more’ attitude to styling

Danielle Miele, fine-jewelry collector and @gemgossip content creator

“As a vintage and antique-jewelry enthusiast, I find bracelets so appealing and comfortable, and I prefer them to bangles. They come in endless styles, from chunky statement pieces to delicate, slender chains. I have tiny wrists and have found so many vintage bracelets that actually fit me because someone else with small wrists once wore them. If you're on the fence about bracelets, or don't wear any, I strongly suggest getting your wrists properly sized by a jeweler – you might be wearing the wrong size.

“I recently sold a ‘Holy Grail’ piece – more than 40 grams of buttery 18-karat yellow gold, with a puffy mariner-link-style bracelet. It was one of those pieces that I wore alone because it truly stood out. On the other hand, bracelet styles that can be stacked and layered steal my heart, too – there are so many tennis-style pieces that fit the bill.

“My push present was a platinum diamond tennis bracelet – I wanted something classic that I could pass down as a family heirloom. I wear it stacked with other bracelets and mix it with my everyday yellow-gold look. You just can’t beat a wear-forever bracelet.” @gemgossip