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The Beauty Memo

Claudia Schiffer’s AM/PM routine

As one of world’s most successful models, CLAUDIA SCHIFFER shares her passion for all things organic and reveals her tips on how to have great hair, glowing skin and a good night’s sleep – and how Karl Lagerfeld changed her life…



As soon as I wake up…

…I have a cup of decaf coffee with home-made almond milk and dates, while I read the news on my phone. Then I check my emails before writing a to-do list for the day.

I like a skin regimen that’s straightforward

In term time, I wake up early with the kids and need to get them ready for school, so my skincare tends to be the same, regardless of the time of year. I start with Bamford Cleansing Balm, followed by the Refining Exfoliator. Depending on how dry my skin is, I mix my moisturizing cream with different oils and massage it into my skin. I use a little of the Triple Action Eye Cream and, if I need extra hydration, I use a serum.

On a bad-face day…

…I drink more water and stop eating anything with milk or wheat – and chocolate, which usually makes me break out. Going for a brisk 30-minute walk outside always helps – plus a good concealer.

I deep-treat my hair regularly…

…and swap my conditioner for a good hair mask – it’s a great tip I got from a hairdresser and it’s made my hair healthier. Fashion shoots in particular, with all the various hair styles you go through, can make your hair very dry.

I love going for long walks…

…in the countryside with my dogs. But, recently, I’ve started working out with my girlfriends, doing everything from cardio to yoga or tennis. Every day, we do something new, which makes it fun. I’ve also started doing online workouts and going on the treadmill while watching Gilmore Girls.

We all need to make decisions that affect the next generation…

…so we eat seasonal, locally grown fruit and vegetables that are pesticide-free, and organically produced meat and dairy from local farms. I start my day with quinoa, pineapple, almond slithers and fresh almond milk with dates in it. Lunch usually consists of vegetables and a small amount of turkey, chicken or fish, and it’s the same for dinner. Snacks are sheep’s or goat’s yogurt with banana, chia seeds and flax seeds, and treats are always chocolate, a great red wine or my favorite Leoube rosé. I also love the traditional old-fashioned German stews that my mother used to cook for me, which I now have when I’m with my siblings in Hamburg.

Karl Lagerfeld gave me the best advice

He was my ‘magic dust’; he transformed me from a shy German girl into a supermodel. He taught me about fashion, style and survival in the fashion business. What Warhol was to art, he was to fashion. I will always be eternally grateful to him.


I love long baths…

…with Epsom salts. I’ll use the Bamford Nourishing Face Mask and add its B Silent Night-time Bath Concentrate to the water.

I love a fresh makeup look

For an event, I just do a stronger version of my day look. I like to add a bit of oil to my moisturizer, as it makes your skin look healthy and fresh. I always use eyelash curlers – they really open up the eyes – plus a Shiseido brown eyeliner, mascara and either a rosy blush from Sisley or a brown blush from Chanel, which I use for a bit of shading. For evening, I just add a dark brown eye shadow by Marc Jacobs Beauty, a black liner right in at the base of the lashes, and a lip liner and lipstick in apricot – or red if I want a stronger look.

My favorite spa…

…is at Schloss Elmau in the Bavarian Alps. It has everything you would want from a luxurious winter holiday in the mountains: amazing views, great food, cozy areas to sit in front of the fire with a glass of wine. My favorite moment there was swimming outside at night in heavy snowfall.

When I can’t sleep…

…I have my Epsom salts bath, meditate with the Calm app, light a candle (usually Baies by Diptyque), and I like to have cup of camomile tea at bedtime.

On my bedside table…

…I have my iPad (for watching a TV series in the evening), a novel, healing crystals, a ceramic plate for my jewelry and a Diptyque candle.

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