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3 Easy Steps To Full, Fluffy, ‘Natural’ Brows

Our brows have been at the mercy of various trends recently, but a natural, fluffy finish is timeless – and eternally youthful, says SUZANNE SCOTT


Fill in the sparse spots

The secret to full-looking brows is to rein in sparse areas. As we age, brows often become thinner and less dense, with the tails and front sections hit first. Because this thinning occurs gradually over a number of years, it can be difficult to spot the change, but when sections of the brow are noticeably less dense than others, a slick of brow gel isn’t enough. “Using a pomade in sparse areas will help to create a much fuller look,” explains Jess Hunt, co-founder of Refy. “A pomade is ideal for adding density because it’s buildable,” she adds. If you’re unfamiliar with pomade, simply use a fine-angled brush to paint on color in feather-like strokes that mimic your natural brow growth. “Once you have applied pomade, I like to add a few additional hair strokes with a brow pencil to create a more natural finish,” Hunt says.

Use two tones to make brows appear fuller

Whether you are using a brow pencil, powder or pomade, using two different yet similar shades will prevent your eyebrows from looking flat. “Use a shade close to your natural brow color to fill in the shape, then take a slightly darker shade and add more hair strokes to create a brow that looks naturally full,” advises Hunt.

Push the darker shade towards the center of your eyebrow arches and use a lighter hand at the inner and outer parts to avoid creating anything that looks too harsh. If you have naturally very dark brows but still want to add more density, sketch in a few hairs in either a warm brown or red.

Create a fluffy finish

A touch of fluff makes brows of every shape and size appear more youthful. Brushing your hairs up after applying color will instantly make your brows appear more substantial and create a softness that has been lacking in earlier brow trends. Worn with dewy skin and mascara, nothing looks fresher. Comb the brow brush through the hairs in the opposite direction of growth to lift them from your skin, then coax them into an upward and outward direction.

“Once I have brushed my brow hairs upwards, which helps to create a fuller-looking brow, I like to set them to keep them in place all day,” says Hunt. A brow gel or gloss is helpful here to maintain the shape and direction of your hairs. If your brows are fairly dark, a clear gel will add hold without pigment, whereas those with fairer hairs can achieve further fullness with a tinted product.


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