The Real Secrets For Oscars-Worthy Skin, According To A-List Facialists

While most of us won’t be prepping to walk the red carpet, we can still benefit from tips shared by the pros responsible for some of Hollywood’s most beautiful complexions. Here, NEWBY HANDS gets the inside track – from JOANNA CZECH’s mustard baths to SHANI DARDEN’s face-sculpting wand and MELANIE GRANT’s evening routine

Michelle Yeoh, Gabrielle Union, Zendaya and Margot Robbie were all glowing on the 2024 Oscars red carpet

Joanna Czech

“We have about six weeks to get clients ready for the Oscars from the day the nominations are announced, so we begin with the body. I like [my clients] to drink three liters of water a day and take a bath with Dr. Singha Mustard Bath Soak every night. Epsom salts are great for the muscles, but mustard powder is a great detox tool. I also love the body-shaping massage technique used by Brazilian body therapists – it can really sculpt the body.”

“For the face, I start four weeks before [the event] with a lot of massage. I’ll prep the skin and then do 45 minutes of massage. It gets the skin so clean and, by week four, the whole shape of your face and upper body has changed. I follow the massage with a microcurrent device, as the muscles are warmed up and more responsive, which makes it so much easier to get that lifted look. Then I finish with cryotherapy to infuse everything. I also do a weekly peel – and will even do a very light lactic peel two days before the Oscars, as it’s so smoothing and super-hydrating.”

“I get clients to do a special twice-weekly treatment at home, using a cleansing oil and a clay mask. First, cleanse the skin with the oil, leave it on and apply the clay mask over it. Then, after 15 minutes, massage the two together into the skin and remove. It’s a great deep-cleansing and micro-peeling treatment – do this twice a week for four weeks and your skin is perfectly smooth and decongested.

“I do my final treatment two or even three days ahead of the event, as you look even better a few days after a treatment. If I am treating someone on the day of the event, I’ll give them a 10-minute face massage (including microcurrent and cryo), finishing off with my Joanna Czech The Soothing Serum, The C+ Serum, and a tiny bit of The Balm – which is warmed up before I massage it in. After that, their skin is glowing and they are ready for their makeup.”

Melanie Grant

“The evening skin routine is especially important. My clients are good at maintaining their skin, but a few weeks ahead of an event, I get them to switch up their skincare at home – especially at night. It’s nothing too active or intensive, but focuses on hydrating and nourishing with very gentle exfoliation (I like daily peel pads), followed by a night serum and then the Noble Panacea Exceptional Chronobiology Sleep Mask, which I love. I also like LED, but you have to be consistent and use it every day. It’s especially important to make time in the evening for looking after the skin, starting with a really good (and very fine) scrub or exfoliating lotion, followed by a cream or clay mask to boost the skin (I’m not a big fan of sheet masks). After that, I recommend a good massage with your hands, a face roller or gua sha, and a good-quality face oil, such as Vintner’s Daughter or Augustinus Bader. It’s a guaranteed boost for the skin.”

“Dry brushing is the best thing for the body. I try to get clients to start 30 days prior to an event – and to be consistent. I also do a lot of body peels using a body scrub and a strong face peel on the body. Plus, using a body oil every day at home is the best regimen for keeping skin looking super-hydrated and well-conditioned.”

Shani Darden

“The most important thing is to not overhaul your skincare routine in the weeks leading up to an event. If you want to try new products or start a new routine, do it months in advance. And never start using a retinol two weeks before an event. Because I customize my signature facial, I can do it a week before, a night before, or on the day of an event, as it doesn’t require any downtime – you just walk out glowing. But the results aren’t going to last as long if a client isn’t taking care of their skin between visits.”

“I have my go-to routine for hydrated, glowing and sculpted skin before any big event. After cleansing, a treatment with my Shani Darden Facial Sculpting Wand is always an essential, as it’s amazing for toning and contouring the face, and helps to lift and clear any puffiness. Next, I use a gentle exfoliating treatment to remove dead skin and allow hydrating products to properly absorb. After that, a 10-minute LED mask treatment helps boost collagen and blood circulation for an amazing glow. It’s one of my favorite treatments before big events because it’s also very calming and meditative, which helps you to center yourself while reducing stress. I usually follow this up with a hyaluronic acid serum, to deeply hydrate and plump up the skin; then finish with a great sunscreen before applying makeup. I love Supergoop! Play Everyday because it doubles as your moisturizer and sunscreen in one.


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