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7 of the best scents to keep summer going

A new perfume is the perfect way to get into a vacation mood – and will keep those sunny memories going long after your return flight. SUZANNE SCOTT reveals the best summer fragrances with year-round appeal


Something wonderful happens to perfume in the hot weather. As the sun’s warmth hits notes that were once subtle, they become headier, almost intoxicating. And, as the temperature of your skin rises, your perfume evolves into something deeper and richer. Want to switch out your regular day-to-day perfume for a vacation-friendly option? Read on for our edit of the best of the best…


Mandarin and Californian lemon layer over neroli and Arabian jasmine in this summer favorite. The scent comes into its own when misted over sun-warmed skin and its uplifting notes marry perfectly with the creamy, almost fruity fragrance of most sunscreens. Keep it in your beach bag for a refreshing scent revival before transferring from your lounger to the bar.


With punchy citrus notes reminiscent of the orange groves along Italy’s Amalfi coast, this bright and sparkling scent is perfect for days spent island hopping or walking through bustling markets.

BEST FOR ADVENTURES IN NORTH AFRICA Serge Lutens Féminité du Bois eau de parfum

Inspired by the sweet and spicy fragrances that linger in Moroccan souks, this perfume serves up something complex and exotic that’s ideal for vacations close to the equator. You can expect smoky cedar wood, sticky plum and spicy cinnamon over smooth and creamy notes of vanilla and musk. This scent is rich and seductive and not to be missed.

BEST FOR SCENTING YOUR HAIR Larry King Volumizing Hair Mist

The feeling of sun-warmed hair is a simple but hugely comforting sensation and now you can up the decadence level with this nourishing hair mist containing notes of jasmine and eucalyptus. But this product offers more than just a pretty scent; used on wet or dry hair it adds weightless volume to roots and smooths wayward hairs too.

BEST FOR WARM WEATHER FRAGRANCE LAYERING Senteurs d’Orient Fleurs d’Oasis Body Oil

A nourishing lightweight body oil is a must on vacation as it restores the moisture stolen from skin by the sun and adds a healthy sheen. This luxurious oil goes one step further with its notes of neroli, red thyme and jasmine making it a brilliant base layer for your perfume plus, it has been formulated with eight plant-based extracts and 14 essential oils to bring balance and comfort to sun-stressed limbs. Massage it into your skin after showering and apply a tiny amount to the tips of your hair if they are feeling frazzled too.

BEST FOR GLOBE TROTTING Sana Jardin Berber Blonde Eau de Parfum

If sun rays had a scent, we would imagine they would smell very much like this perfume. Each spray produces a cloud of fresh florals in the form of orange blossom water and Moroccan neroli with an undertone of warm musk. It’s the kind of scent that feels at home in the driest of deserts, wet rainforests or on a warm beach. You will want to wear this scent all of the time, for every occasion.

BEST FOR HOT SUMMER DAYS Floraiku Sleeping on the Roof Eau de Parfum

Summer’s signature scents – lily of the valley, orange blossom oil and amber musk – combine in this beautifully designed perfume that you will want to wear at the office, on the weekend and on evenings out. It’s wonderfully versatile and complements almost every occasion. We love to wear this scent on its own but also find that it layers beautifully with other fragrances, making it an essential ingredient in your fragrance-layering efforts.