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9 exceptional scents guaranteed to give you wanderlust

Because exploring a new city or spending long, languid days by the sea may not be a top priority right now, GEORGIA DAY has sniffed out nine evocative perfumes to take you on a sensory journey of discovery – or a nostalgic trip down memory lane to remind you of glorious vacations past


MEDITERRANEAN ZEST FOR LIFE Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum

You may not get to experience Portofino’s quaint pastel-colored houses and picturesque harbor this summer, but close your eyes and a spritz of this citrusy blend will transport you to the Italian Riviera in no time. Prepare for zesty bursts of Sicilian lemon and Tunisian neroli mingled with bergamot and yellow mandarin and finished with warm, resinous amber.

SUMMER IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE Veronique Gabai Noire de Mai Eau de Parfum

Using ingredients local to the French Riviera, this fresh, feminine scent imagines the aroma of freshly picked roses from the fields of Grasse. Its velvety sweetness takes on a skin-like sensuality with the addition of wood and amber, making it perfect for misting onto sun-drenched skin. We think it’s best served up with a glass of ice-cold rosé.

THE MYSTIQUE OF MARRAKECH Robert Piguet Parfums Casbah Eau de Parfum

Whisk yourself away with this mystical fragrance that captures the excitement of Marrakech’s souks. Notes of black pepper, nutmeg and angelica root convey the earthy scent of spices, while iris and tobacco leaf add a creamy softness that envelops you as the fragrance unfolds. Cedarwoood and vetiver provide woody depth to anchor the scent to your skin.

THE BUZZ OF BERLIN Vilhelm Parfumerie Poets of Berlin Eau de Parfum

Inspired by musical icon David Bowie’s time spent in the vibrant heart of the capital, this perfume is a complex blend that, like its namesake city, is as joyful as it is surprising. Expect the mouth-watering sweetness of blueberry and lemon to hit you first, followed quickly by the softness of vanilla and the woody warmth of sandalwood and vetiver.

PASSAGE TO INDIA D.S. & Durga Radio Bombay Eau de Parfum

While you may not get to experience the heady heat of Mumbai right now, this rich, woody fragrance transports you to the bustling heart of Bandra with one spritz. While ambergris, sandalwood and balsam fir absolute serve up a layer of earthy warmth, coconut musk provides a smoothness that’s only interrupted by a faint copper-tinged sweetness.

PLAYFUL PARISIAN FUSION Byredo Bal d’Afrique Eau de Parfum

Inspired by the eclecticism of Paris in the 1920s, and the influence of African culture, music and art on the city, this intoxicating fragrance is an uplifting marriage of jasmine, neroli, African marigold and Moroccan cedarwood. At once romantic and whimsical yet deep and rich, this complex scent will have you dreaming of getting lost in the captivating streets of Paris.

GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette

A deeply sensual scent that will transport you to a vacation amid the lush greenery and tropical heat of Halong Bay, Vietnam. Characterized by the blousy scent of tuberose, benzoin and musk add to its enveloping richness, while notes of fresh orange leaves and pink peppercorn offer spikes of fruity freshness.

AN ENGLISH COUNTRY GARDEN Jo Malone London English Pear and Freesia Cologne

Invoking all the sweetness and succulence of a traditional English garden, this inviting and enveloping scent epitomizes the aroma of a late summer’s evening and will have you itching to enjoy the great outdoors. Juicy pear and heady freesia layer over grounding patchouli, amber and woods in a blend said to be inspired by poet John Keats’ ode To Autumn.

SUMMER IN SEVILLE Frederic Malle Bigarade Concentrée Eau de Parfum Bitter Orange & Cedar

Capturing the intoxicating effect that comes when you walk past a sun-drenched orchard of orange trees, this scent wavers enticingly between the masculine and the feminine, thanks to touches of warmth from cedar and pink pepper alongside the bitter orange. The compulsion to douse yourself with a cooling splash of cologne on a hot, hazy day is testament to this beguiling aromatic citrus fragrance.

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