7 Supermodels Share How They Really Take Care Of Their Skin

From Kate Moss’s gua sha routine and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s game-changing LED device to Miranda Kerr’s body regimen, these are the skincare secrets of some of the world’s most famous supermodels

As told to Newby Hands
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Helena Christensen, Kate Moss, Pritika Swarup

Kate Moss

“I wash my face with my Cosmoss Face Cleanser – I’ve always preferred to use a face wash with water and this one is gentle but effective. Then I use the Cosmoss Face Cream to moisturize, and finish with a spritz of the Sacred Mist, which instantly lifts my mood. My old go-to trick is to plunge my face into a bowl of iced water and cucumber slices – it instantly tightens and gets rid of any puffiness. I then use Cosmoss Golden Nectar drops with my gua sha tool. Together, they give your skin that extra glow and are great for detoxifying and lymphatic drainage.”

Helena Christensen

“If I’m working from home, I love to apply a face mask – otherwise, I wash my face with Ole Henriksen Face The Truth gel cleanser and tone with Christine Chin’s Hydrating Toner. Then I use Joanna Vargas’ Rescue Serum and Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil, and moisturize with Nimue Ai Day Cream. I use coconut oil on my body and love to take a bath with salts and Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak. It’s rare that I don’t clean my face before bed, but it’s not a massive issue for me if I forget.”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

“My skin is acne-prone, so it’s a moving target, but I’ll look at it daily to see what it really needs. I use the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex and love my Rose Inc Radiant Reveal Brightening Serum – I use it before bed and under makeup, as it’s a great primer. I really like Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Sun Drops, too. If I do have a breakout, [face] icing is great to take down any puffiness or acne. I keep cooling globes in the fridge or use an ice cube wrapped in gauze and smooth that around my face. LED therapy is really beneficial for me, and I often sneak off to the bedroom to lie under the red and blue lights for acne – and to heal any scars. I do love a face mask, too – especially the Rose Gold Brightening Mask from 111Skin for that instant hydration, while Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel pads have been a game-changer.”

Pritika Swarup

“There are so many traditional remedies that I’ve used since I was young: like mixing honey, lemon, turmeric, yogurt and chickpea flour, then leaving it on my face for 15 minutes. For a breakout, I mix neem powder, rice powder, olive oil and turmeric – it’s a great antiseptic for the skin. Every day, I take half a teaspoon of turmeric mixed with clarified butter and black pepper. My mom studied Ayurvedic medicine for years, and a lot of the tricks I do are from her, or were passed down from my grandmother – like using oil on my hair and body: sesame oil in winter and coconut oil in summer.”

Miranda Kerr

“I dry body brush all over – I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember, maybe since I was 18. I love the way it makes me feel energized, as I’m not a morning person. Then I jump in the shower and use my Kora Organics Turmeric Glow Foaming Cleanser, and the Renewing Body Wash – the aromatherapy oils really help wake me up. My Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum has been a life-saver, as my pigmentation had got really bad, but when I’m religious with using it, it completely brightens my skin. I’m also using a new plant-based retinol [from Kora Organics] – it does everything that a retinol does without making your face peel. Then I use the Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer, and layer up the Eye Cream with the Noni Bright Eye Oil. If I’m a bit puffy, using my gua sha really helps, and I wish I had more time to use my LED device – I always have LED and microcurrent when I get a facial. I was using the NuFace, but I need to get back into the habit.”

Claudia Schiffer

“I like a skin regimen that’s straightforward, so my skincare tends to be the same, regardless of the time of year. I start with Bamford Cleansing Balm, followed by the Refining Exfoliator. Depending on how dry my skin is, I mix my moisturizing cream with different oils and massage it into my skin – adding the oil makes the skin look fresh and healthy. If I’m looking a bit puffy, I drink more water and stop eating anything with milk or wheat – and chocolate, which usually makes me break out.”

Anja Rubik

“I only use water – no face wash – as my skin is very dry, so I always moisturize to keep super-hydrated. I’ll do my own DIY face mask, especially if I’m traveling. I just ask the hotel to bring me an egg and honey, and I mix the egg whites with a tablespoon of honey and apply it to my face for 15 minutes – it tightens and firms, and makes pores appear smaller. I never sleep with my makeup on; this is my number-one beauty tip – that and keeping skin moisturized at all times. If it’s irritated, I’ll use a natural face sponge to gently exfoliate instead of using a gritty face scrub. I always have some Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on my nightstand; my secret to having baby-soft feet all year round is to apply it to my heels before I go to sleep.”


Anja Rubik, Claudia Schiffer, Miranda Kerr