The Ultra-Chic Homewares To Uplift Your Space – According To Your Style

Whether you’re a color-loving maximalist, a story-seeking eclectic or an enduringly sophisticated classicist, these are the homewares that will breathe new life into a space – from mesmerizing accessories to irresistible tableware and textiles. By KATIE BERRINGTON

Clockwise from top left: leather trays (set of three), Hunting Season; teapot, Mud Australia; candlestick (set of two), Fourth Street; stoneware vase, Marloe Marloe; pyrite heart, Jia Jia; red vase, Dinosaur Designs; scented candle, Loewe Home Scents; pouf, Cabana + Ulla Johnson; St. Barths Freedom book, Assouline; glasses (set of two), Reflections Copenhagen; cards set, Aerin; cocktail glass, Helle Mardahl; ‘Love Handles’ vase, Anissa Kermiche

The minimalist

If spaces that evoke serenity through understated elegance speak to your taste, then look to curate a considered array of immaculate, neutral pieces with a timeless quality. Keep it elevated and unfussy with sleek materials – porcelain (such as Mud Australia’s milky-hued teapot), pristine glassware and smooth marble – and let enthralling shapes and textures sing in low-key tones; for example, Louise Roe’s ‘Bubble’ ceramic vase, Soho Home’s chunky throws and Fourth Street’s ‘Dancing Duo’ brass candlesticks. Minimalist tones, however, don’t have to be off-whites and beiges; darker shades can be just as discreet, while also adding depth to a room – consider Completedworks’ sculptural glassware and Marloe Marloe’s beautiful, nature-inspired stoneware.

The maximalist

‘More is more’ is the mantra often associated with maximalism. But, really, this joyful style is all about bringing together vivid shades, rich textures and bold patterns in statement-making harmony, designed to make the eye dart around. When it comes to curating tablescapes, look to opulent jewel tones and characterful designs in a vivacious assortment, such as Reflections Copenhagen’s art deco-inspired geometric glassware, Aquazzura Casa’s fruit-painted porcelain plates, Dolce & Gabbana’s ornate printed textiles and La DoubleJ’s plates and glassware in a kaleidoscope of colors. Inject the same energy around the home with Cabana + Ulla Johnson’s bohemian capsule of wonderful floral-printed pieces (the cotton pouf is playfully formed to look like a stack of cushions), Assouline’s bright coffee-table tomes to bring in the spirit of wanderlust, and L’Objet’s fun and artful adornments that will enliven any surface.

The classicist

For an enduringly sophisticated aesthetic that combines old-school refinement with form and functionality, think preppy stripes, charming checks and sumptuous fabrics – from enveloping wool and cashmere to glossy leather. Look to heritage brands such as Brunello Cucinelli and Loro Piana for exquisite blankets and cushions that will elevate anything they touch. Meanwhile, Aerin’s stylish gold-toned game sets are as beautiful as they are entertaining, and Hunting Season’s handcrafted leather designs make ideal heirloom pieces.

The romantic

A soft, feminine feel can be embraced in a room through swathing textiles, delightful floral designs and an underscoring of prints introduced in classic ways. Let flowers cascade from dreamy vases, such as LRNCE’s hand-painted terracotta pots, and set enchanting tables with Ginori 1735’s elaborate porcelain plates, while Jia Jia’s stones and crystals add one-of-a-kind symbolic meaning. And there is plenty of room for playfulness, too – just look to Anissa Kermiche’s signature curvaceously formed sculptures, Laetitia Rouget’s uplifting candy-striped ceramics and Helle Mardahl’s whimsical mouth-blown glassware.

The eclectic

Eclectics are often collectors, building a storied assortment of beloved objects around their space – each piece deserving of its place. A conversation-starting quality is a prerequisite for eclectic homewares, which, rather than adhering to a particular era or style, are best mixed and matched and layered to create a home that is imbued with character. For instance, Gohar World’s surrealist tablewares combine tradition, humor and family influences from the designer-duo Gohar sisters, such as the wrought-iron candelabra resembling ironwork in Cairo – the city where they grew up. Then there are intriguingly formed furnishings, such as Tom Dixon’s unique molten-like lamps, Dinosaur Designs’ swirling resin bowls and vases, and Raawii’s contemporary, color-popping pieces.



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