Hailey Bieber’s Facialist Shares Her 9 Simple Hacks For Great Skin

Hollywood aesthetician Emma Goodman (aka the Skin Witch) tells MALENA HARBERS how to get that coveted fresh, dewy skin finish we’re all after – from the secret to using a face oil the right way and the high-tech tool everyone needs, to skin healing through sound baths and crystals

Hailey Bieber’s coveted glow is the result of good-quality skincare, gentle treatments and a healthy dose of self-care

Go easy on exfoliation

“I’m not a fan of peels. I used to do them on myself and my clients and noticed how sensitive they made people’s skin. Your microbiome is your own beneficial bacteria, so when you over-exfoliate, or exfoliate aggressively, you’re stripping that barrier layer until it starts to weaken, and your skin becomes red, sensitized and dry. It also causes more aging in the long term because you don’t have that protective layer of the skin barrier, which helps to rid the body of any kind of outside element,” says Goodman. As a result, she advises gentle and infrequent exfoliation. “In my treatment room I use fruit-acid enzymes, which are very gentle, and once a month I’ll use microdermabrasion on my clients.”

Reconsider retinols vs retinals

“A lot of people also use retinol, which – if overused – further contributes to stripping the barrier, resulting in thinner skin and sensitivity,” says Goodman. She notes that retinoids are really meant to be used six months on, six months off to reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls. “Retinaldehyde (or simply retinal), on the other hand, supports all the things that vitamin A does, like fading scarring, building collagen and reducing pore size. However, crucially, it doesn’t sit on the surface of the skin like a retinol does, which can cause peeling and irritation.” According to Goodman, traditional retinols can create a false plumping effect, too. “One study showed that retinol plumps the skin, but it’s actually inflammation that’s occurring. That’s why when people [stop using] retinoids, their skin sometimes deflates because it’s been plumped – but only from an inflammatory process. Retinal doesn’t do this.”

Sculpt muscles with microcurrent

“Microcurrent is my favorite tool to use in my treatments. It brings a lot of blood flow and circulation to the skin, and it really helps to build and elongate muscles, which gives a nice muscle structure to your facial contours as you get older.” The in-office professional devices offer a much higher current, though, so Goodman says you’ll see more long-term benefits if you visit an expert. “Some people come in once a month for a treatment, then do their NuFace at home in between treatments. These devices are especially great pre-event to give you that lift you’re looking for.”

Tackle oily skin with baking soda

If you suffer from an oily complexion or your skin feels very clogged, Goodman swears by this at-home trick. “Mix a bit of baking soda with your cleanser [for] glow-giving exfoliation applied in a safe way. Do this a few times a week if you feel exceptionally oily or have blocked pores. It’s also key to look at what’s going on internally and figure out why your skin may be excessively oily or congested – after all, our skin truly looks its best when we treat it from the inside out.”

Practice gua sha

“This is a great way to actively massage your face at home, and help move toxins and drain fluid,” says Goodman. “I do it at night before bed, after my skincare routine – just keep a gua sha tool by the side of your bed and practice it for 10 to 15 minutes if you have the time; even a five-minute treatment makes a difference. A lot of my clients will take their gua sha with them when they’re traveling, because you get a lot of fluid build-up [while flying] and this helps to drain it all out.”

Add rosewater to your face oil

Hailey Bieber has long touted face oils for helping her achieve that glazed-donut skin look, but the key is prepping skin first. “When you apply a face oil, you want to make sure you’re using rosewater or some kind of hydrating toner beforehand, because your skin won’t absorb the oil properly if you don’t wet it first,” says Goodman.

Detox with dark-colored crystals

“I love a grounding stone like obsidian or black tourmaline. Any kind of dark stone or volcanic glass will naturally heat up and [help] drain the body of toxins. They’re great to use for gua sha before bed, because they will ground your energy, especially if you live in a big city where everything is always ‘on’.” Besides using these stones in your skincare regime, Goodman also suggests keeping them in your pocket to help you stay centered and connected.

Invest in the right products

If you want to see consistent results, Goodman is a big believer in investing in quality, professional products. “You can get away with over-the-counter cleansers, toners, face oils and moisturizers, but you really want to invest in [high-quality] serums. She advises incorporating stem cells, peptides and vitamin C for DNA repair into your regime to get that A-list-worthy dewy glow. “I’m not a big fan of using hyaluronic acid on a daily basis because it can pull hydration from the skin,” she adds.

Try a sound bath

“Whatever is residing within us is going to express itself on your skin first. I use soundwaves to regulate and balance both hemispheres of the brain and bring you into a beta state, which is your body’s way of healing. A lot of people find that when they get up from the treatment, it’s brought their body into alignment, so it treats all senses.” To try sound therapy at home, Goodman suggests searching for binaural beats on YouTube. “There are so many options online for free and it can help with any ailment. You can do it at home before bed every night; I recommend using headphones so you can hear the distinct right and left sounds. You can also do an LED mask [at the same time] if you have one – I do this with my clients in my treatment rooms.”

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