How I Curate My Space: Róhe Founder Marieke Meulendijks On Her Timeless Amsterdam Abode

In our interiors series, we ask designers and tastemakers to open the doors of their most-loved spaces, sharing the stories, inspirations and favorite pieces within. Here, MARIEKE MEULENDIJKS invites us into the Amsterdam home she has meticulously renovated with her partner and co-founder of fashion and homeware brand Róhe. By KATIE BERRINGTON

Marieke Meulendijks and Maickel Weyers

The vast and beautiful Vondelpark, in Amsterdam, is the setting for Marieke Meulendijks and Maickel Weyers’ family home, which the couple – the co-founders of Róhe – have lived in with their twins for four years. “We fell in love with the neo-renaissance façade,” recalls Meulendijks of her first impression of the house, which dates back to 1886.

Left: the first prototypes that Meulendijks and her partner designed for Róhe’s NET-A-PORTER homeware collection are on display around the house: “We created these stone objects with our friend Louis Crombag, who has been a sculptor his entire life.” Right: the fireplace is a family favorite – a cozy place to be enjoyed by all

They brought the building back to life with extensive renovations. “We started by putting a light beige natural chalk plaster on all walls and ceilings – it was like starting with a blank canvas.” she says. “From there, we started to add elements for shape and color. The goal was to find the right balance between the history of the building and modern design elements. Inspiration came from many things, such as traveling, but also from my architect friend who helped us create this home.” Meulendijks is still struck by the calm and peaceful atmosphere when she walks in the door: “Light and shadow changes the look of the walls every hour and I’m in love with it.”

Meulendijks’ study on the first floor is the room where she feels the most immersed in inspiration. “It has a great view overlooking the park,” she says. “This floor showcases all the art pieces we have collected over the years, which I love surrounding myself with when I design.”

Having a strong interest in art, interiors, craftsmanship and design reflects in the couple’s home as well as the Róhe brand

“We are definitely collectors,” she continues. “Our pieces are divided between our home and our office, as we [have] collected too many beautiful things over the years. Having a strong interest in art and interiors reflects in our brand. Craftsmanship and design are of great importance in everything we do and buy.”

The heart of the house, however, is the kitchen table, “where we spend most time with our kids: talking, preparing dinners, eating, reading – it’s a place where they can be creative. And the long table, with lots of chairs and a couch, creates a space for friends and family to join us.”

The heart of the house is the long kitchen table – with plenty of chairs and space for socializing with friends and family
Meulendijks’ home is a mix of old and new, with a neutral palette that is restrained yet considered

The style throughout the home is timeless, she considers. “Our home is a personal journey and diary. It tells our story through the art and personal things we have been collecting over the years. It’s really a mix of old and new.”

My five favorite pieces

Stone prototypes

“I adore the first prototypes we made from travertine for Róhe’s NET-A-PORTER homeware collection, which are on display on the table in the study. We created these stone objects with our friend Louis Crombag, who has been a sculptor his entire life.”

Marrakech from above

“In our living room, above the couch, we placed a very old aerial photo taken in the city of Marrakech, Morocco. We bought this large piece 20 years ago, in a small souvenir shop. I’m still in love with its colors.”

Display case

“We bought the old wooden laboratory cabinet at an auction. It displays all my favorite and personal ceramics and tableware. A lot of pieces are made by my father.”

Bath with a view

“We placed the bath in front of the windows. It’s magic at night ­– seeing the park and the little church reminds me of the small village I grew up in.”

The hearth of the home

“The fireplace is the children’s favorite area – they love the coziness, warmth and the smell it creates. They always play around the fireplace when we light it.”