4 Simple Hacks To Make Bare Skin Glow

Don’t underestimate the power of radiant, healthy-looking skin. Here, MALENA HARBERS breaks down the polished neck-to-toe finish you’ll want to try – and reveals how to achieve it like a pro

Hailey Bieber, Zendaya and Bella Hadid showcase this summer’s coveted skin finish

Bella Hadid, Zendaya, Penélope Cruz… a glowing array of A-listers have recently been showing off a gleaming, refined, near-otherworldly skin finish. “The look reflects how well we’re taking care of ourselves, which is so important right now,” says celebrity makeup artist Florrie White. Here, she explains how to look after your skin to achieve a similarly healthy, glistening effect.

Prep matters most

To get a uniform texture, it’s essential to create the ideal canvas before anything else. Body brushing does wonders to wake up your circulation,” says White. “I do it every morning before I shower, with a round bristle brush. I start on my stomach, then take it down to my knees to quick-start some lymphatic drainage and slough off any dead cells. I use Vanderohe Sasawashi Exfoliating Body Cloths when I’m traveling to achieve the same result.” Equally, exfoliating when you have a shower can make a big difference to smooth out irregularities and refine skin. Many dedicated body exfoliators mix both chemical and physical exfoliators for a more thorough all-over sloughing. If you have sensitive skin (or for irritation-prone areas like your décolleté), opt for an acid-only formula instead, such as Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment. Swiped over dry skin, these cloths are far less abrasive than a scrub.

Be consistent with your body cream

When it comes to hydration, White stresses the importance of moisturizing every day. The more thoroughly hydrated your skin is, the more you’ll get that healthy, lit-from-within luminescence. “Due to the heat and humidity in summer, I’d choose either a serum [look for one that’s hyaluronic-acid-based] or a cream. Only use both layered together if you’ve been neglecting your body.” Really massage the moisturizer deep into skin for an added toning effect and don’t forget to focus on commonly dry areas like the hands, neck, feet, knees and elbows. “I love using Sisley’s Black Rose Beautifying Emulsion on my clients because it sinks in quickly and calms any redness, too.”

Blur imperfections

Body makeup is a bit of a red-carpet secret when it comes to achieving flawless skin, as it smooths and evens out skin tone. The newest complexion perfectors are tinted body moisturizers or ‘glow creams’, which give skin a buttery texture, add radiance and ‘fuzz out’ flaws in a sheer veil of color. Simply massage the cream into prepped skin using circular motions. Alternatively, you can create this same uniform tone by adding a few bronzing drops to your body lotion. “Everyone looks a little healthier and more radiant when they are subtly sun-kissed – whatever their skin tone. It’s the closest you’ll get to sunshine radiating from within.”

Highlight strategically

For a modern finish, White advises steering clear of glitter and sticking to a rich moisturizer. At most, you can use a highlighting cream with shimmer – just to add some dimension and a gorgeously glazed finish to certain points of the body. “Run a layer of either the moisturizer or illuminating cream down the front of your leg for a longer and finer shape,” says White. “Take it across the tops of your shoulders and collarbone, too. If you’re baring your stomach, apply an extra layer along the outside contours – but be sure to use a lighter touch, because excess product may crease here.”