The Beauty Memo

Kate Bosworth Shares Her Best Health And Beauty Hacks

Famous for her pared-back style, KATE BOSWORTH shares the secret to her incredible skin (it’s a serum), why blush is her ‘bad-face day’ go-to, and how breath work and meditation have transformed her life

Kate Bosworth, a self-confessed “let’s get it done with driven products kinda gal”

First thing every morning, I snuggle with my animals

I have a huge French Spaniel and two rescue cats, and they all sleep in the bed with me. It’s very crowded and funny, and kind of feels like waking up in a Disney movie.

Taking great care of your skin…

…and finding a concealer or foundation that allows you to shine as you are will give you your optimal look. The skin for me is the most important part of the canvas. You can always add what you want after that – a bright lip and full lashes; or something pure, such as lip balm and a beautiful brow. When I review new makeup artists, I’m looking at how they care for the integrity of the skin. At the moment, I wash my face with Epicuren herbal face wash. Then I apply Nigma Talib ND + Kind.est The Serum. Dr. Nigma and I have been friends for nearly a decade, and this serum is truly a game-changer. During the development process, I was so excited by the sample and the way it quickly improved my skin – so I was begging her to send me more as soon as possible. And now it’s here! I end with Orchidée Impériale day cream by Guerlain, which is one of my favorite heritage brands – this cream is so rich and luminous.

I started to meditate during the pandemic

The clarity, focus and discipline this practice has given me to stay in the moment has hugely transformed my life. I rarely skip a morning and, if I do, I really feel it. I love the Ten Percent Happier app – it’s meditation for sceptics like me.

On a ‘bad-face day’…

…I wear more color on my cheeks and lips. Currently, I love my friend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s line, Rose Inc. Her Blush Divine Radiant Lip & Cheek Color is precisely what I need on a day I don’t feel my best. Rosie has the best taste, so it’s unsurprising that she’s created such an amazing line.

When I’m flying…

…I consume a lot of herbal tea (like peppermint) and tons of water, rather than too much caffeine. The goal is to stay hydrated for more energy rather than relying on a quick fix. I also try to eat the right meal at the right time, even though my stomach may be craving breakfast for dinner. Getting your body on a schedule right away helps.

I train virtually with Stephanie Watson

She is the most knowledgeable, highly skilled, results-driven physical trainer I’ve ever experienced – and totally dedicated to the mind-body connection. She is also now one of my best friends, so I get extra-inspired to see her joyful face every day.

I’m pretty easy and instinctive with food

I eat what makes me feel good. And, sometimes, that means indulging in something ridiculous at the right moment.

I try to choose love over fear

When we connect with the wise place of a higher love, this conscious decision leads to true happiness. I don’t always get it right but, every day, I strive to be as impeccable as possible in aligning myself with this decision.

I’m not the best when it comes to pampering

I’m more of a ‘let’s get it done with driven products’ kinda gal. I exfoliate once a week and I’m a devotee of Nigma Talib ND brightening masks when I decide to spend time on myself. Dr. Nigma also does an incredible IPL (intense pulsed light treatment). I’m almost 40 and have never used fillers or anything cosmetic in that way, so I’m very diligent about effective skincare, lasers and light therapy.

When I was 23, the sun triggered melasma…

…which, unfortunately, becomes a somewhat irritating lifelong relationship. Faith Tatro was just starting as an aesthetician when she called me up and asked me to come in so she could treat my melasma (which is notoriously difficult to treat). She changed my life, teaching me the importance of caring for the integrity of the skin. Fifteen years later, I still see her regularly for treatments. She’s truly brilliant and I love her.

When I remodeled my house, I installed a steam shower

I love steaming in eucalyptus or peppermint oil with a good exfoliant mask. For body creams, I use Byredo Gypsy Water Body Cream. Or, if I’m going out, I will choose Byredo’s Bal D’Afrique for its heady, sexy fragrance. I am a lifelong brand devotee of Byredo, and Gypsy Water has been my signature scent for as long as I can remember.

If I have a special event…

…I really like to deeply hydrate my skin with a product that also contains brightening qualities. At the moment, I’m using Epicuren’s Colostrum Luminous Glow Cream – or Retrouvé Intensive Replenishing Moisturizer, which is divine and luxurious.

If I can’t sleep, I connect with my breath

When I truly sink into the flow of my breath, and connect with myself in the moment, the clutter of the day often fades away. I am also a big fan of Calm gummies and the brain supplement 5-HTP.