The 12 Skincare Hacks Your Facialist Hasn’t Told You About

Want to take your skin and regimen up a level for fall? NEWBY HANDS asks five top aestheticians – including JOANNA CZECH, MELANIE GRANT and EMMA GOODWIN – to share the easy, expert skin secrets they swear by

Recreate the radiant, glowing complexions of Dua Lipa, Rihanna and Sofia Richie Grainge by amping up your beauty and skincare regimen

Melanie Grant

Customize your mask

“It's very rare that our skin is completely unified, and often we’re dealing with dullness, sensitivity and dehydration all at the same time. So, to get the most out of your home facial, I like to mix two or three products together and apply them directly to skin. My favorite combination is to blend a hydrating gel mask with a lifting and toning cream for a plumping, firming treatment that requires no heavy lifting on my part.”

The right time to massage

“Most of us give our face and neck a little massage when we apply our moisturizers, but a great opportunity in our regimen to really get in and flush stagnant lymph, and lift, tone and detoxify with massage, is when you cleanse. I use a gentle milk formula or nourishing cleansing balm for this so there’s enough ‘slip’ to really work into the contours of the face using upward and outward motions.”

The sweet treat for sensitive skin

“I often apply a thin layer of raw honey, preferably Manuka honey, as a face mask after cleansing to calm and balance my sensitive skin. It’s incredibly healing and strengthening, as well as being anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory – and it’s just as beneficial for blemish-prone skin as it is for those of us who are red or sensitized.”

Angela Caglia

Use heat to hydrate

“Everyone thinks about keeping their face roller chilled in the fridge, but I also like to use my Angela Caglia roller warm, as this helps with opening the pores to infuse your serum more deeply into the skin. Dunk the roller head in hot water for 40 seconds, then dry before using.”

Skip on skincare

“Once in a while, after cleansing, leave out the rest of your night-time routine and go to sleep with your skin product-free. Do this once or twice a month, as sometimes your skin needs a break – you’ll notice a difference in how balanced your complexion is and how your regimen can be more effective as a result.”

The matcha face mask

“Once a week, I mix my green-tea matcha latte powder with some Greek yogurt and a dash of lemon to create an at-home mask that’s filled with antioxidants and nourishment to brighten, detox and refresh my skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse before applying your skincare.”

Emma Goodwin

Apply rose water to supercharge face oils

“When you use a face oil, you want to make sure you’re applying rose water or some kind of hydrating toner beforehand, because your skin won’t absorb the oil properly if you don’t wet it first.”

Tackle oily skin with baking soda

“If you suffer from an oily complexion or your skin feels very clogged, mix a bit of baking soda with your cleanser for a safe glow-giving exfoliation. Do this a few times a week if you feel exceptionally oily or have blocked pores. It’s also key to look at what’s going on internally and figure out why your skin may be excessively oily or congested – after all, our skin truly looks its best when we treat it well from the inside out.”

Joomee Song

The right way to soothe inflammation

“Something I see over and over again in my clinic is inflammation of the skin that is caused by stress and trauma – often self-inflicted by overdoing treatments or using the wrong products. Vitamin K and centella asiatica are two of my favorite anti-inflammatory ingredients, as is vitamin C, but you don’t need to use it every day. Our skin can’t take more than 20% vitamin C and, once it’s applied to your skin, it stays there for 72 hours, so it’s not something you need to use daily.”

Rebalance your face

“I’ve found that everybody has a dominant side of the face that is bulkier and tighter, and that creates more water retention – allowing toxins to stay longer on that side – which leads to breakouts, redness and, eventually, lax skin. So, taking more time to massage your dominant side is extremely beneficial to balance out not only the alignment of your facial structure, but also to ensure that you have fewer breakouts or puffiness on that side.”

Joanna Czech

The eye de-puffer

“I love dandelion tea for de-puffing, so every time I make a cup, I stick the tea bag in the refrigerator (rather than the freezer) afterwards. Once they’re chilled, you can place them on your eyes and relax for a few minutes to take down any puffiness. I also love using ice cubes as a simple cryo treatment, but if you make them from chamomile or dandelion tea, you also get added draining and de-puffing benefits. I use a gauze or glass-cleaning cloth to wrap around a cube before rubbing it over my face. If you run an ice cube over your sheet mask, the cold helps to seal in product ingredients, too. You can also do this after an extraction to calm down any redness.”

The icy facial

“Along with my masks, I keep my Joanna Czech face-massager device in the fridge so I can use it, chilled, over a sheet mask. Together, they give skin the best cryo treatment for de-puffing and taking down any inflammation.”


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