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The Last-Minute Party Beauty Hacks That Always Deliver

When time is tight, we need those quick tricks that really make a difference. NEWBY HANDS shares the transformative beauty tips that work in minutes

Backstage at Rochas AW18

The heat-ice multi-mask

If you can carve out time for skin self-care, then this 10-minute warm-to-cold trick will enliven a tired, dull complexion. Take a favorite hydrating or nourishing sheet mask (Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask and the Sarah Chapman 3D Moisture Infusion Mask are both excellent) and warm it in a bowl of medium-hot water. Applying it while warm will open up the pores and relax your face, so the skin absorbs more of the product. As soon as you remove the mask, use Charlotte Tilbury’s iced Cryo-Recovery Face Mask or add the chill-factor with an icing device, like Angela Caglia’s Gold Cryo Facial Set or Omorovicza’s Cooling Derma-Globes. Applying a hit of cold after a warm sheet mask helps the pores tighten so, like micro suction, the skin soaks up the hydrating serum and holds it in the skin’s surface, exactly where you want that instant plumping to be. Plus, anything cold has a great firming effect on tired and pouchy skin; after the cryo step, instead of rubbing any excess serum into your skin, try aesthetician Joanna Czech’s trick of using the pads of the fingers to press then release, working over your face – it’s amazing how much this technique enables your skin to absorb more product.

The no-mess makeup reviver

As the queen of face rolling, Angela Caglia advises using a crystal roller to quickly wake up the face and give evening makeup that final-touch, flawless finish. “Rolling upwards and outwards (never back and forth) over finished makeup gives it that wonderful second-skin finish,” she says. It also helps to remove any pockets of puffiness and sculpt the face. “You could first dip the roller in warm water, so it works like a warm-stone massage on the face, or chilled from the fridge if you want more of a firming effect – either way, make sure you dry it before rolling.”

The two-in-one body treat

Going backless or sleeveless for the evening? Remember it’s not just a difference in your skin tone that matters, but also in the texture between the dewy skin on your face and the often less-cared-for bare skin on your body. A quick remedy is to mix a body tint (Tom Ford Beauty’s Skin Illuminator Face and Body is superb) into a firming treatment cream or gel. U Beauty’s smart The Sculpt Arm Compound or Legology’s Air-Lite Lift for Legs not only hydrate but also help to reduce puffiness and give bare limbs, chest and backs a lighter, even slightly streamlined feel.

The tired-eyes exercise

As the day goes on and we get tired, our eyes get smaller. To counter this before an evening out, simply look straight ahead and, keeping your eyes open, consciously open the upper eye lid wide, holding for one count, then release back to normal. Repeat up to 20 times.

The fresh-look concealer trick

The professional makeup artist’s trick for a truly polished look is to blend a dab of concealer in the very outer corner of the eye – from your late twenties onwards you can get a darker tone here, so covering it up instantly makes eyes look brighter and the face appear fresher. Blending concealer out from the lip line, on the V-shape of the outer corners of the mouth, makes the lips look more prominent and gives your lipstick a beautiful precise finish.



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