How to make the absolute most of your home, according to Luke Edward Hall

As his joyful collaboration with Ginori 1735 lands on NET-A-PORTER, artist and interior designer LUKE EDWARD HALL talks to KATIE BERRINGTON about the playful and mythical influences that inform his creativity and shares his key tips for maximizing your space and bringing personality to your interiors


Luke Edward Hall is a master of bold and playful, romantic and fantastical designs with a distinctive storytelling quality. It is of no surprise, then, that the designer has a life-long fascination with Greek and Roman history and mythology. For his collaboration with the storied Italian porcelain brand Ginori 1735, his main inspirations came from “a mythical journey across the sea led by Neptune and a cast of other watery characters, including mermaids and Arion, who was saved from pirates by a dolphin”.

Designer Luke Edward Hall’s collection for Ginori 1735 is inspired by his love of Greco-Roman mythology

“I often turn to the legends for inspiration,” Edward Hall says of how he begins his design process. He then combines these mythological muses with his signature vivid palette and lively aesthetic. “I wanted this collection to be colorful; Ginori and I spent a long time getting the colors just right. I enjoy interpreting the past in my own playful, romantic way.”

In a time when our spaces have come to hold even greater significance than before, Edward Hall believes people are looking for more ways to bring joy into their homes. “I think we’ve all realized just how important our surroundings – which, over the past year, has mostly meant our homes – are for our mental wellbeing, and our general enjoyment, too,” he considers. “I think people have discovered or rediscovered just how much pleasure and comfort we can take from our homes.

Below, Edward Hall shares his key tips for making the most of your space and bringing delight to your interiors.

When the space is small, think big and think storage

“For a small room or apartment, don’t be tempted to buy small pieces of furniture. Large pieces look best in small spaces, and you’ll regret not going for the biggest things you can fit in, so go for large and comfortable sofas and armchairs. Don’t hold back with the decoration, which can also be tempting in small spaces: bright colors will pack a punch.

“Storage is key: consider ottomans with space inside for blankets and books, built-in bookcases and shelving in odd spaces, such as above doors.”

“The objects in my home and studio all put a smile on my face,” says Edward Hall
Drawings of the gods and bold, unexpected colors infuse the chinaware with personality

Don’t forget about the little things

“For an instant update or fix to your interiors, consider the small things: lamp shades, cushions, bed linen, tableware and accessories. Bringing in or swapping around a few bits and pieces will refresh a room in a flash. And a new and lively wall color will have the greatest impact.”

Fresh flowers, standout ceramics and feature walls can all be talking points in your space

Seek out pieces that bring joy

“The objects in my home and studio all put a smile on my face and have stories to tell: ceramics picked up on summer vacations, vintage magazines featuring photo shoots by favorite photographers, postcards from friends, antique bits and bobs picked up at auctions, jugs of flowers from our garden… I take joy from these things every day. I couldn’t live in a minimal space!

“The most important question I ask myself before I buy something is do I absolutely love this? I don’t worry about a thing ‘going’ with other things I already own, because I’ll always find a space for it.”

Prioritize personality and personal interests

“I like strong color. I like a mix of furnishings from different eras and a mix of lively patterns. I like an intriguing selection of accessories and art. I want a sense of wit and theater. Above all else, a good interior should reflect its owner’s personality and interests.”