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The Alternative Guide To Birthstones

Clockwise from top left: bracelet, Messika; ring, Pascale Monvoisin; flower earrings, Casa Castro; galaxy earrings, Andrea Fohrman

Not enamored with the traditional gemstone attributed to your birth month? Discover the alternative jewels that hold potent meaning and symbolism in different cultural calendars

May, agate

This month is believed to have as many as six birthstones (emerald being the most traditional), but, according to the Ayurvedic Hindu calendar, agate remains one of the most exclusive. Also good: agate is offered in a variety of colors, including this ethereal white and grey palette selected by Pascale Monvoisin for her ‘Gaia’ ring.

June, moonstone

Assigned to the month of June as an alternative to pearls or alexandrite, moonstone has long been considered mystical. Its ghostly silvered hues are peaceful and delicate, hinting at its touted calming qualities and promotion of inner balance.