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Mind & Body

Whitney Port’s AM/PM routine

The businesswoman, style icon and reality star of The Hills reveals her daily routine and how, as a mother of one, she’s finally conquered the idea of a work-life balance…



Skincare is my obsession…

…I exfoliate every other day, and love to use toners and Tata Harper serums – I switch between the Elixir Vitae Serum and the Resurfacing Serum – and finish with Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate moisturizer. I found it easiest as a new mom [Port has a one-year-old son, Sonny] to stick to a straightforward, four-step routine and be strict and consistent with it: wash, tone, use a serum and then moisturize.

Working out gives me confidence…

…and it also prepares you for the rest of your day. I love dance cardio at Body by Simone, hot yoga at CorePower Yoga or Soul Cycle, and I’m a member of ClassPass [a gym subscription service] so I’m constantly trying new things and working different muscles. Finding motivation can be hard, but it’s all about setting boundaries for yourself and being realistic. Before I had my baby, I did at least five or six workouts a week as I had more time and energy, but now I’m a mom my goal is three per week. It’s much more realistic, and it’s important not to beat yourself up for not being the way you used to and not reaching your goals – sometimes you just can’t do it.

I keep my makeup to a minimum…

…using only tinted moisturizer for my skin. I love the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream mixed with the Luminizing Moisture Tint by Jouer. They both contain SPF which is so important when living in sunny Los Angeles. I don’t do much else – I brush up my brows and put a bit of Hourglass concealer on my lids. Most people do it under the eyes to look more awake, but I’ve found this is the more subtle way to brighten your face.

I look back at myself on The Hills and my beauty choices were shocking…

…my ringlet curls were so awful! I also wore too much black eyeliner; I’d put it all around and right in the waterline. And though I do have blond highlights now, my color back then was so unnatural. I still love having ombré hair and I’ve had it through The Hills and The City up until now. I guess it’s just progressively got better.



Meditation has really helped me with stress…

…especially during my pregnancy, and I’ve been quite open about it. It wasn’t a fun experience for me; it was so challenging, especially during my first trimester when I was always nauseous and physically ill. I couldn’t keep up with work, I was so unmotivated, and I felt terrible about it. But I got through it by going to a mindfulness class and practicing meditation. I tried to constantly remind myself to be in the moment. I told myself, “This too shall pass,” and that I should try to enjoy that period as it was time I would never get back.

Like most working moms, I struggled to find a work-life balance…

…and the one thing I swear by is not to try and find a balance. Just have a schedule that works for you, take everything day by day, and know that at certain times there are going to be different priorities. One day I’m career-focused and feel guilty about not being the best mom or wife, but I’m okay with that. The next day I focus more on Sonny and connect with him, and then it’s all about self-care so I’ll book in a massage on the Soothe app (it’s my guilty pleasure) – you can’t put pressure on yourself and give attention to everything every day.

I have a bunch of crystals on my bedside table…

…but I have no idea what they are or what they mean! I just love the idea of them, and they look so pretty. I always keep pictures – one of me, my husband Tim and Sonny, and the other of my late father who sadly passed a few years ago. I also always have one of those big hair claws and a beautiful gold candle that I light before going to bed.

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