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Meet the Model: Alexandra Micu


AGE: 19


RÉSUMÉ: Signed up by her agency after entering a modeling contest when she was 15, Micu has walked exclusively for Louis Vuitton and starred in campaigns for Chloé, Max Mara and Ralph Lauren

I GREW UP IN TRANSYLVANIA. It’s very beautiful and there’s a lot going on there. I considered moving to Paris or New York, but I realized that it works better for me to be based at home in Romania and travel from there – I’m more centered and I feel more myself when I’m near my parents and my friends. I don’t think I could call anywhere else home.

I’M NOT PHOTOGENIC. When I was young my parents always used to say that I looked very fake in pictures – my mom would tell me that I was really beautiful but I really didn’t look good in photos. Even today when my friends take pictures of me, I don’t look nice. But somehow, I really like being in front of the camera and I’m good at it – it’s what I enjoy most about modeling.

MY STYLE IS A LITTLE BIT GRUNGE. I like to mix things depending on my mood – even as a teenager, when I didn’t know anything about the fashion industry, I was always into clothes and playing with different patterns and prints. I like to dress a little bit more masculine than feminine because it makes me feel very powerful.

I want to be a detective, it’s my ultimate dream. It started when I watched a TV cartoon called Totally Spies… I think it’s an obsession now

I WANT TO BE A DETECTIVE, it’s my ultimate dream. It started when I was really young and watched a TV cartoon called Totally Spies; I would play detective all the time and spy on my parents. I think it’s an obsession now. But really, once I stop modeling, I’ll probably go back to university and study architecture or engineering.

I EAT EVERYTHING, I’m a gourmand. Now that I’m a model I’ve been trying to eat more healthily, but I love pizza and pasta and burgers. Shake Shack is the best thing ever – when I’m in New York I have it literally every dinnertime.

I USED TO BE A CHEERLEADER. I was on the team at school for five years and was captain, but I had to stop when I started modeling. I miss it even now; it’s such a team sport so we were all really close. Now I do yoga and workout in my room – I don’t like to sweat too much!

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