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5 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Beauty Advice And Inspiration

L-R: Pati Dubroff, Katie Jane Hughes and Dr. Adeline Kikam

If you’re looking for the makeup that gives Margot Robbie her red-carpet glow, or perhaps the type of vitamin C that delivers the best results, you’re in luck – thanks to Instagram. MALENA HARBERS highlights the beauty accounts that are as informative as they are inspirational…


The color queen – Katie Jane Hughes

If you’re obsessed with color and makeup, you’ll definitely want to follow makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, who has a great client roster that includes Hailey Bieber and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, amongst others. However, it’s her bright makeup looks that are a real joy to watch her apply, and are an excellent source of how to do everyday makeup with an edge – you’ll see how a soft lavender eye and a matte cherry-red lip can be truly wearable together IRL. You’ll also find tutorials on makeup classics made fresh – such as the ins and outs of a smoky eye in terracotta, or how exactly to conceal blemishes and imperfections strategically. @katiejanehughes

The dermatologist – Dr. Adeline Kikam

Dr. Adeline Kikam is the patron saint of new-gen dermatologists – she’s simply frank and fun when it comes to solving common skin concerns. An advocate for both proper skincare as well as inclusivity (while in medical school, she first saw social media as the path to getting her message heard), expect a succinct yet highly informative mix of guidance across all skin issues and skin types, as well as specific advice for darker skin tones. From dispelling product myths to zoning in on scalp concerns, ingrown hairs and post-mani cuticle care, she answers the head-to-toe questions we all want to know. @BrownSkinDerm

The facialist – Joomee Song

Zendaya and Lady Gaga’s facialist is particularly known amongst her A-list clients for her sculpting Japanese-massage technique, and her Instagram account is an ode to her expertise, offering a mix of easy-to-follow massage and acupressure-point reels for all. She’ll take you through different techniques on nearly everything beauty- and wellness-related, from how to deal with puffy eyes and ways to sculpt cheekbones to how to gently knead away your stress and deal with migraines. You’re guaranteed to feel calmer after watching (and, of course, following) just one video. @joomee_song

The red-carpet makeup artist – Pati Dubroff

Makeup artist Pati Dubroff is exceptional at reminding you that, while incredible red-carpet makeup is always inspirational (she boasts a coveted roster of A-list clients and is part of Margot Robbie’s glam squad for good reason), makeup for everyday life can be just as impressive – and it doesn’t need to take long, either. You’ll find tip-filled reels of Dubroff doing her own makeup off the red carpet, all of which are very accessible, too. But you won’t see her doing loads of contours, as skin prep, finger-applied textures and a dewy finish are her staples – all techniques you’ll learn from her in under 60 seconds. @patidubroff

The chemist – Dr. Michelle Wong

Dr. Michelle Wong is a cosmetic chemist with a knack for decoding the complicated world of beauty science into easy-to-follow soundbites. What makes Dr. Wong different to other social-media scientists, however, is how she picks up on what subjects are trending on TikTok or in the media, and talks you through them with conversational ease. Whether it’s a star ingredient or a controversial subject (such as parabens, for example), she’s all about making sense – with an emphasis on ingredient safety. Tune into her feed to get up-to-date advice and information on new skincare heroes and better product knowledge – and for better skin all round. @labmuffinbeautyscience



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