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5 Incredible Women On Their Ultimate Relaxation Rituals

From stress-relieving practices to the best places to disconnect, here are the hacks five entrepreneurs use to deal with the demands of every day

As told to Katie Berrington
Babba Rivera

Babba Rivera, founder of Ceremonia

“Quality time with my family, my daughters and my dog is truly the best stress relief for me. These moments force me to be present and I end up integrating a lot of play into my day-to-day, which we forget we need as adults. Silly moments are so pure and allow us to experience joy in small doses, which helps reduce stress. It’s why I’ve also taken up tennis classes, to build movement into my routine, which is so therapeutic after long days of meetings.

“Unsurprisingly, being the founder of beauty brand Ceremonia, I’ve found that my at-home beauty rituals are essential to my self-care routine. They help ground me and keep me away from unnecessary screen time and scrolling. I grew up watching my mother be so loyal to her own skincare routine[it was] a break from being a mom that was so sacred and had to be protected. I channel that prioritization in my own schedule and make it a moment to look forward to. Nothing makes my bathroom feel more like a spa than ending a long day with beauty rituals before bedtime.”

Hikari Yokoyama, art consultant and curator

“I feel most relaxed on or near the sea. The writer Romain Rolland, in a letter to Sigmund Freud, coined the term ‘oceanic feeling’, which means to feel at one with the external world as a whole. This references both a mystical and psychological feeling, where one releases one’s ego and does not feel separateness between oneself and all that surrounds it. It is a feeling of immersion into the world and a sense of oneness with everything else.

“The best relaxation technique for me is to not look at my phone or computer. I think that both devices pull me out of the present moment and disrupt relaxation. I also think mellow, non-goal oriented physical activity works really well – for example, swimming as far out into the sea as you feel like, hiking up and around a rocky hill to see what is on the other side and then continuing, doing yoga until you are bored of it… It really helps my overly cerebral and analytical side to take a back seat.”

Hikari Yokoyama
Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr, model and founder of Kora Organics

“I feel most relaxed right before bed, when I’m doing my evening routine. After I get the kids to bed, I like to dim the lights, light a candle and play soothing music. When time permits, I love to have a bath and put a rose-quartz crystal at the base of the tub and add a few pumps of my Kora Organics Body Wash. It’s a great way to let go of the day and unwind for a restful sleep. After the bath, I’ll do my evening skincare routine. At the very least, taking a moment to do a regular night-time skincare ritual is such a great way for me to recharge. I really lean into the whole soothing experience.”

Anissa Kermiche, designer and founder

“Relaxation for me exists in two different states: soothing my soul or escapism. I feed my imagination and senses through other mediums: visiting a gallery or an artist’s studio, watching films, or going to a concert or a music festival is equally enlivening (you will find me stuck to the speaker). Music is a huge release for me personally and professionally. I love dancing, but I am not a huge fan of forced physical effort. I have found a fitness class with world music and I always leave in a pure state of joy.

“Running a business isn’t exactly peaceful. Being an entrepreneur means fixing unexpected issues on a daily basis, and I had to develop effective methods to manage stress very quickly when my brand [Anissa Kermiche] gained momentum. It was like training at high altitude. I wish I dared to ask for help or advice when I was younger; I was always too proud and too shy to seek guidance. I didn’t know anybody in the fashion industry, nor in jewelry or ceramics, so had no idea where to turn. At times, I find it difficult to appear vulnerable to others, so now I connect young entrepreneurs with each other and mentor a few women – I want to pay it forward in some small way and provide others with what I lacked. Additionally, I would have given myself permission early on in life to go to therapy, try healing methods and alternative medicine. I now know it takes courage to look for help.

“Massage is one expense I am happy to pay for. During my twenties, I saved for fashion, and now my thirties are reserved for mindfulness. I went to a retreat by myself for the first time this year and emerged transformed. It is something I will now factor into my life more regularly as a means of self-preservation.”

Anissa Kermiche
Tata Harper

Tata Harper, founder of Tata Harper skincare

“I feel most relaxed when I am on my Vermont farm, sitting on the porch overlooking the fields. There’s something so peaceful about watching the animals graze and feeling the breeze on my face. I also find paddle boarding on the lake incredibly relaxing. The further I paddle, the closer to nature I feel. I also love the practice of forest bathing to center myself and feel more connected to nature.

[Even before founding Tata Harper], my skincare routine has always been my favorite way to relax and reset after a long day. There’s something so transformative about taking an intentional moment to care for yourself and unwind. I leave the bathroom feeling like a new person, ready for my beauty sleep. I love to end the day with a visual meditation, which I’ve found really helps my sleep, especially after looking at a screen all day. I also leave my phone across the room to avoid any potential distractions so I can truly focus on disconnecting and unwinding.”