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How the beauty A-list gets a good night’s sleep

Natalie Portman in Hotel Chevalier, 2007

Did you know that Friday, March 19 is World Sleep Day? If you’re looking for ways to improve your slumber, be inspired by Elle Macpherson, Nam Vo, Sophie Turner and more and discover their best tips for overnight success…


Many of us have found that global upheaval and day-to-day uncertainty is not a good combination for a restful night’s sleep. In fact, experts at the University of California, Davis, believe the events of the past year have resulted in a rise in insomnia. Friday, March 19 is World Sleep Day, and never have we been more in need of consistent, restful sleep. Looking for ways to adjust your own sleep routine and, hopefully, improve your sleep? Discover how the beauty A-listers do it…

Nam Vo, makeup artist

“I try to cut myself off from my phone at 10 o’clock every evening.

I’ve had to train myself to limit my social media to an hour and 15 minutes a day, then my phone locks my Instagram. I say to myself, who am I scrolling for? I post what I need to, engage with my audience and then shut off. Do I always stick to it? No, but it does make me more mindful of my time. Then, I spray magnesium around my neck. I’m obsessed with The Nue Co.’s Magnesium Ease. It might sound a little corny, but I also like to check in with myself each night about the day I’ve had: was I nice to everyone? Do I need to apologize? What am I grateful for today? It really helps me go to sleep more easily.”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, model and entrepreneur

“I shower every night…

…to wash away the day and help me to relax. Then, I like to do a face mask, and I’ve recently been trying a glycolic mask once a week. I love to read before bed and find that it always helps me fall asleep straight away.”

Karen Elson, model

“I always turn to magnesium.

I used to get heart palpitations a few years ago, and my doctor wanted me to take beta blockers, but I researched what caused the palpitations, and often it’s a lack of magnesium and an imbalance in your electrolytes. So magnesium has helped me a lot.”

Felicity Jones, actor

“I’m a real worrier.

It sometimes keeps me awake at night, so I always have a notebook nearby to write things down – lists and thoughts; it makes me feel much more ordered and organized. If that fails, I have a cup of hot milk, which is a tip both my grandmother and mother passed down to me.”

Tata Harper, skincare entrepreneur

“I do a sound bath for my family every night.

I first discovered sound bowls on a trip to Sedona, and now I do it at home every evening with my kids. We all lie on the floor and the kids fall asleep as I create that sound with a rose-quartz bowl. It’s very calming, as the sound vibrations from the rose quartz stimulate the delta waves in the brain, which makes everyone very sleepy. I also love the Mindicine app (it plays different sound frequencies to help with everything from focus to anxiety or sleep) and play it throughout the day – the beta waves are especially good for problem-solving.”

Nadine Leopold, model

“I love to stretch before bed.

Every evening, after a relaxing Epsom salts bath, I spend about 15 minutes before I go to sleep stretching my whole body. I love doing the pigeon pose – it’s a great hip opener and I tend to keep a lot of stress in my hips.”

Tracy Anderson, fitness entrepreneur and author

“I always write when I can’t sleep.

I do Purge Emotional Writing (PEW 12) from time to time, which is writing about whatever is on your mind, unedited, for 12 minutes (the number 12 symbolizes balance). It’s incredibly cathartic and helps me leave behind any negativity from the day.”

Sophie Turner, actor

“My therapist told me…

…that if I can’t get to sleep, I should journal before bed to help – but I just can’t. Instead, I listen to brown noise on the White Noise app – it really helps.”

Hannah Bronfman, entrepreneur and wellness author

“A really good night starts with a sheet mask…

…preferably one with hyaluronic acid. I like to put an active serum underneath the mask for intensity – it really plumps up the skin. I follow with 37 Actives Cream by my dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades. Baths are also a non-negotiable – I find they relax my nervous system. I always add Epsom salts and mix in different essential oils, depending on my mood, such as lavender to calm, or citrus to uplift.”

Joanna Czech, aesthetician

“My sleep has been transformed…

…since I started using a weighted blanket. I got one for Christmas that weighs 15lbs, and lying under it really helps me relax and unwind. I love to read at night, but now, with this blanket, I get six pages in and I’m falling asleep.”

Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of beauty brand Moon Juice

“To help me get to sleep…

…I always take magnesium to chill, turn off all screens, and then drink a tablespoon of Dream Dust in hot water. I then listen to Kaypacha’s weekly Pele Report (an astrology forecast by the New Paradigm Astrology Cooperative). I’ve been doing this for the past eight years, and there’s something really hypnotic about his voice that makes me sleepy within minutes.”

Natasha Poly, model

“Sleep is incredibly important to me.

I have to have between eight and nine hours a night, and I need the room to be dark. This can be tricky, as my husband likes to sleep with the TV on, so I always wear a silk eye mask. If I’m feeling wired, I will listen to some sleep hypnosis by Steven Gurgevich on my phone. It’s a little like a self-trance, and I do it for an hour – I listen to him and then literally pass out. It’s particularly good when I fly long-haul and have already watched all the movies on the plane.”

Elle Macpherson, wellness entrepreneur

“I always keep a notepad and pen next to my bed.

It means I can jot down whatever I am thinking about, and it’s a great way to clear my mind and drift off to sleep. I also like to do a yoga pose that I’ve been told can help with sleep: I lie on the bed with my legs up the wall for at least 10 minutes – always in the privacy of my own bedroom, of course.”



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