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Mind & Body

10 positive morning habits of beauty & wellness experts

Clockwise from top left: Hannah Bronfman; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; Tina Craig; Anja Rubik; Helena Christensen; Charlotte Mensah; Tata Harper; Elle Macpherson

Ever wondered what the beauty A-list do to kick-start their mornings? We’ve spoken to many of them over the years and this is what they told us. From caffeine alternatives to breathing techniques and handstands, try their feel-good formulas for yourself…


Elle Macpherson, model and founder of WelleCo, on breathing exercises

“It was hard at first, but I wake up early and spend 45 minutes practicing breathing – it’s been a complete game-changer. I put my hands on my solar plexus (just under the breast bone), feel the breath and focus on its rhythm. After 20 deep inhales and exhales, I feel a real difference. It’s not a formal practice of meditation, but more about taking time to clear my mind, reflect and slow the brain down. I find it very peaceful and it really sets me up for the day.”

Tina Craig, founder of UBeauty, on the importance of supplements

“I take Lumity supplements and raw bee pollen every single day. I swear this simple routine strengthens my immune system and helps defend against illness each season.”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, model and founder of Rose Inc., on working out and drinking matcha

“I’m not a morning person so I wake up at 6am with my alarm, or my body clock will naturally wake me around 8am – usually I get up an hour before my son so I can have some me-time. I drink a litre of water first thing followed by a matcha latte. After breakfast I work out in my garage – I’ve been using the Body By Simone app to stay active during lockdown. I then cleanse my face with IS Clinical Cleansing Complex and use ZO’Skin Health Oil Control Pads followed by IS Clinical Super Serum or Poly Vitamin Serum; finally, I apply Biba Daily Moisturizer and Image Skincare SPF 50. If I wear makeup, I use Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer, Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil and Brow Gel, Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Sun Touched, and Hourglass Lip Oil or my signature Confession Lipstick You Make Me.”

Tata Harper, skincare entrepreneur, on her workout of choice

“Exercise is the one change that I have made to my mornings and it really helps with my motivation. I keep up my regime by streaming Ballet Beautiful on YouTube, for Mary Helen Bower’s bite-size, 15-minute workouts.”

Gucci Westman, makeup artist and founder of Westman Atelier, on meditation

“I do transcendental meditation every morning at 6am. My kids wake up around 6:30am, so it gives me a little time to gather myself. I also like to meditate in the afternoon, if possible. It helps to center me.”

Charlotte Mensah, haircare entrepreneur, on the best breakfast

“My daily breakfast routine is porridge with water, nutmeg from Grenada, a little honey and a spoonful of evaporated milk. It’s so delicious – and keeps me full until the afternoon.”

Jen Atkin, hair stylist and founder of Ouai, on drinking tea

“If I’m busy, I’ll wake up between 5.30 and 6.30am – but, equally, I might sleep until 1pm if I have a rare day off. Either way, I start my day with a cup of English breakfast tea with almond milk. I’m a big believer in intermittent fasting, so I don’t eat anything until 1pm. It’s not about weight loss for me: if I’m busy in the morning, I don’t want to think of another thing to add to my already lengthy to-do list.”

Hannah Bronfman, founder of HBFIT, on probiotics and adaptogens

“Every morning, I have a cup of water and lemon, keeping it at room temperature to preserve the enzymes and to make it easier to drink quickly. I then add a probiotic powder to a juice shot (usually grapefruit: the probiotics make the vitamin C in the grapefruit more easily digestible). I switch coffee for matcha, or a dandelion root and chicory blend, and pimp it up with some stress-relieving adaptogenic herbs, such as moringa leaves. It gives me the hit I need without the come down of caffeine. But when I need extra energy before a workout, I drink a classic bulletproof coffee (ground coffee beans, filtered water, MCT oil and grass-fed butter or ghee) – it makes a real difference to my stamina.”

Anja Rubik, model, on limiting screen time

“Looking at my phone used to be the first thing I did as soon as I woke up. Now, I try to connect with the present moment and focus on where I am instead – how I feel and what is around me. I then do a handstand against the wall and hold it for one minute, or I stretch with some basic yoga moves. Both are a great way to wake up and get my blood flowing.”

Helena Christensen, model and photographer, on making her bed

“I always take time to make my bed perfectly. There is nothing quite like getting in to a perfectly made bed each evening, so every morning, even on the coldest of days, I shake out my comforter and pillows and open the windows to air out my room. I like to take time with my skin, too, and wash my face with Ole Henriksen Face The Truth Gel Cleanser and tone with Christine Chin Hydrating Toner. Then I use Joanna Vargas Rescue Serum, a facial oil and moisturizer. I finish by using coconut oil all over my body.”