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The ultimate eye-makeup guide: how to enhance your eyes

When it comes to eye makeup, forget about safe neutrals and conservative color. The future is bright, says GEORGIA DAY


The festive season is a time to get a little bolder with your makeup. If you usually stick to a strict roster of nudes and neutrals but long to experiment with something more electric, now’s the time to be a little more playful. Essentially, do what you always do but add a little bit of color into the mix. Here’s how…

Choose your colors

While shade preferences should be an entirely personal choice, if you’re a complete novice when it comes to color, it can be difficult to know where to begin. If you need guidance, look to your skin tone and eye color as a starting point to help determine which shades will flatter you. “Deeper skin tones look incredible with jewel-toned shades, such as emerald green, indigo blue, vibrant purples, reds and bright fuchsia,” says makeup artist Cher Webb. “If you have very light skin, go for washes of lavender, soft pinks and rosy tones, or blue shades of aqua or turquoise. Olive skin tones look amazing with mint green, royal blue, rich coral and red.”

Tweak your liner

While most of us are no stranger to the eye-opening effects of some well-placed eyeliner, we might not be au fait with anything beyond shades of black and brown. For a subtle but still-statement look, update your liner wardrobe with a clutch of colored options instead. Deep emerald green, midnight navy and rich burgundy are classics that will suit all skin tones, while metallics such as gold, silver and copper are more playful for evenings. If you feel reluctant to stray from black, try tracing a line of color above your usual shade. It’ll still feel within your comfort zone but add an element of interest. For extra staying power, opt for a gel-based formula.