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The 5 jewelry switch-ups you need to update your look

L–R: earrings, Sophie Bille Brahe; earrings and necklace, Alighieri

Sometimes the easiest way to stay abreast of the latest runway trends is by starting small – literally. MEGAN LOGUE highlights SS20’s biggest jewelry hits


Chasing rainbows

Jewelry is arguably the most emotive part of any look. As the final flourish added to an outfit, it should, by definition, lift not only our style but also our spirits. It’s the sense of wanderlust that shell jewelry makes us feel that has seen it explode in popularity over the past few seasons, and that idea of sartorial escapism has started to take on a new and even more mood-enhancing form. Enter rainbow-colored pieces, championed by everyone from cult jeweller Roxanne Assoulin to fashion titan Isabel Marant. An effortless way to elevate blue jeans or all-black outfits, let these vibrant pieces transport you to brighter days.

One and only

While hoop earrings have and always will be a staple of any jewelry box, next season our focus is set to shift. Forgoing matching sets in favor of something a little less traditional, soon the most discerning dressers will be sporting exquisitely crafted single earrings. The perfect choice for women who want to put a personal stamp on every outfit – whether you’re drawn to Persée’s geometric designs or Alexander McQueen’s cuff-and-drop combo – these unique pieces can be worn as they are or styled with your existing collection of studs, sleepers and huggies for a truly singular look.

True colors

We’ve always been big proponents of wearing your finest pieces whenever you feel like it; after all, we should be wearing the things that make us feel fabulous every day. But, while so-called ‘casual’ diamonds have been on the rise in recent seasons, we suggest extending this idea to include a plethora of fine jewels. Not only can gems such as rubies, emeralds, topaz and citrine bring a spark of color to your closet, they are also said to ward off negative energy, bring prosperity and promote both balance and intellect – an enviable list by anyone’s standards.

Chain reaction

Coin medallions have come to dominate the jewelry landscape for a number of reasons. However, their ubiquity is part of the reason that many women have been searching for an alternative (albeit one with the same endless wearability). This is where the classic chain comes in. Chic, iconic and understated – depending on what size you opt for – gold chains by contemporary designers such as Loren Stewart and Laura Lombardi can add a sense of nonchalance to any look. Whatever style you choose, you’ll be wearing it on repeat.

Cool-girl pearls

Over the past few years, designers have done the unthinkable: reinvented the pearl. By subverting its genteel connotations and showing the beauty of this oft-overlooked stone in its most raw and unhewn form, they’ve awakened a whole new generation of women to its quiet charm. But they’re not done yet. Next season, we’re set to see the full range of this opalescent stone, as designers incorporate pink, purple, gray and black pearls into increasingly contemporary designs. Undulating earrings and rings by Danish jewelers Pernille Lauridsen and Sophie Bille Brahe – an early pearl pioneer – are vying for the top spot on our wish list.