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Simone Rocha’s golden rules

Simone Rocha FW19

Since launching her eponymous label in 2010, London-based, Dublin-born designer SIMONE ROCHA has enchanted the fashion industry and a legion of loyal followers with her subversive take on feminine style. Her status as one of fashion’s leading luminaries was cemented in 2016 when she was awarded Womenswear Designer of the Year at the BFA’s; an accolade her father, designer John Rocha, scooped 24 years previously. These are the rules she lives by…

Having a STRONG sense of self doesn’t have to mean being the LOUDEST person in the room. There’s also something very powerful about QUIET confidence.

Time is precious. Striking the perfect BALANCE between professional and personal time can be TRICKY, but it’s worth working on.

When it comes to my DAUGHTER, all I wish for her is HAPPINESS, wherever she finds it.

Surround yourself with INSPIRING people. My entire design team have been with me since day ONE. They are all so PASSIONATE about their craft; each collection is the result of our CONSTANT dialogue.

TRUST your instincts. When I was a teenager I really resisted the idea of following in my parents’ footsteps by going into FASHION – I thought it’d be a cliché – but when I finally relented it felt like the most NATURAL thing in the world.

True style is TIMELESS. My designs are INCLUSIVE, made to be worn by women of all ages and sizes, and it’s VERY important to me that our casting for each and EVERY show reflects that.

Have FUN! I’m very lucky to do a job that I love and if there’s one thing my DAD has taught me it’s to make sure I ENJOY every minute of it.

CHALLENGE yourself. Collaborating with Moncler [as an ongoing partnership] was a big test for me as we have such DIFFERENT aesthetics, but I relished the opportunity to turn a CLASSIC piece, like the down jacket, on its head.

LEAN INTO FEAR. My first solo show was one of the most nerve-wracking, but also THRILLING, experiences of my life. I felt so proud to stand up and really establish my OWN point of view.

Dreams DO come true. I first encountered the work of artist Louise Bourgeois as a teenager and was blown away that it was high ART but took the form of textiles. As a design student that really SPOKE to me. To be working directly with her studio and estate today [Bourgeois inspired Rochas’ FW19 collection] is INCREDIBLE.


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