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6 simple ways to soothe stress

Feeling overwhelmed? These tried-and-tested techniques and formulas can help keep your anxiety levels under control. By VICTORIA CRAWFORD


A recent study in the Scientific Reports journal suggested that stress could be just as damaging to our digestive system as processed food, and yet few of us are likely to make any dramatic lifestyle changes to ease our anxiety levels. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to loosen the tightness in your chest and lull you to sleep when your mind refuses to switch off at night.

Best for on-the-go relief De Mamiel Sleep Series in Soothe

This pocket-sized scent has the power to quieten a hectic mind, wherever and whenever you might need it. While the lavender gently relaxes, the jasmine subtly helps to lift your mood and refocus your thoughts. Roll the scent onto pulse points, take a deep breath in and hold for four seconds before releasing to reap the calming benefits.

Best for stressed-out skin Tata Harper Clarifying Mask

When we’re stressed, our skin often feels oilier and is more prone to breakouts. While it can be tempting to panic-apply abrasive scrubs and drying lotions, the best solution is to reach for a gentle blend of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), which will slough away dead skin and rebalance oil production.

Best for a full-body SOS Senteurs d’Orient Rose of Damascus Bath Salts

We often focus on the mental impact of stress, but give little thought to its effects on the rest of the body. Whether you’re feeling sore, tight and achy from hours spent hunched over your desk or because you’ve been unwell, a 20-minute soak with these magnesium-infused bath salts will relax your muscles and leave you feeling lighter on your feet.

Best for relaxing your jaw Angela Caglia La Vie en Rose Face Roller

We all store stress differently, but the jaw bone is a particularly common area. Press your fingers along your jaw bone and, if it feels tender or sore, it’s likely that you’re a jaw-clencher. Regularly massaging the area with a face roller helps to loosen and release any stress. Admittedly, it can be uncomfortable to start with, but roll for one minute every evening after cleansing and you’ll notice a difference within a few days.

Best for settling your nerves The Nue Co. Functional Fragrance

If your chest regularly feels overwhelmingly tight and you struggle to keep your mind focused on one task, it might be worth switching your fragrance. At first sniff, the blend of green cardamom, bergamot and jasmine in The Nue Co.’s Functional Fragrance might smell like a delicious smoky scent, but as it works its magic on your mind, you’ll notice a difference in your mood, too. The first of its kind, it works as an anti-stress supplement and helps to lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Best for calming your mind This Works Stress Check Breathe In

With a blend of 100 percent natural eucalyptus, frankincense and lavender essential oils, this brilliant formula uses aromatherapy to soothe the mind and relieve tension. Simply run the roller ball over your palms, cup your hands to your face and take a few seconds to breathe slowly and inhale the scent.

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