The Beauty Memo

Vintner’s Daughter founder April Gargiulo’s AM/PM routine

Founder of Vintner’s Daughter and creator of that cult serum, APRIL GARGIULO is an advocate of the less-is-more approach. Here, she shares her passion for meditation and why an infrared sauna and a slick of mascara are all she needs to set her up for the day



I start with my daily gratitude practice

I’m not a morning person and I like to sleep late, so I lay there and have a moment and do my practice. I’m also an avid tea-drinker. I live on it in all its forms: black, green, white, herbal.

My regimen is pretty simple

I splash my face with cool water and use a gentle milk cleanser – I’m always changing it. Then I use my Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence. I used to be that person, with three or four serums, but I’m a busy working mom now, so the fewer steps the better, which is why I created the multitasking Essence. Then I use my Active Botanical Serum with a bit of facial massage to get the blood flowing and drain any puffiness. I love that ’90s big-lash look and use a Westman Atelier or Kosas mascara. I also love Rodin’s Luxury Lip & Cheek Oil in Berry on the Bike – and a great brow gel that I get from my friend, who is a natural-brow specialist.

I’m a shower person…

…not a bath person, though I aspire to be. And I take it right after exercising. My workout is taking a walk, hiking, Pilates or a Peloton session, and I try to get it done in the morning. I love infrared saunas and I have a small one at home – I’ve meditated every day for 15 years, so now I do it in the sauna.

Meditation is everything to me

I meditate for up to 30 minutes a day; it grounds me and allows me to have roots and wings and follow my North Star and be clear about how I am in the world. I was in Hawaii a few years back and got to spend time with a group of women who came together weekly for a meditation tea ceremony. It was a moment – and it really had an effect on me. I realized how grounding the practice is and how you can use it at any time.

On a ‘bad’ face day…

…it’s all about hydration – it’s the key that unlocks the skin. It’s all about drinking as much water as I can, but I also love an ice roller for the face.

When I have jet lag…

…I find a pool, a lake, a river, stream or a beach – any body of water where I can submerge myself. It’s incredibly connecting and allows you to reset.

I try to eat intuitively

When it comes to fads, I’ve tried them all, but when I listen to my body, I eat healthily. I’m vegetarian and gluten-free, but within those parameters I pretty much eat what I want. I’m not healthy all the time and so many eating trends have nothing to do with wellness. If we just listen to ourselves, we would all be better off.

The best advice I’ve had…

…was early on, when we launched Vintner’s Daughter. I can’t remember who said it, but I had “no risk, no rewards” in my head, which made me get on and enjoy it – because what’s the worst that could happen? That kept moving me forward.


I love my facial-toning device

I’ve been using my NuFace microcurrent device for 10 years, to help firm my face, and I also use the Cellreturn LED red light for 30 minutes. I’ve just started with the Lyma laser, too – I really like the fact that it’s a cold laser, so it doesn’t get hot or hurt my skin.

I use gua sha on my jaw at night…

…because I have temporomandibular disorder (TMJ). Using the gua sha helps to relieve the symptoms, so I recently bought a body gua sha, too. I use it on my legs and it really helps to stimulate the blood and lymphatic flow.

When I have an event…

…I use the same makeup as during the day – I’m pretty simple, but I do reapply the Active Serum using a press/push technique to reenergize. You use the flat of the hand to apply the product by firmly pressing it into the skin, and then release so it creates this little suction that helps stimulate circulation and the Qi energy flow. It just reinvigorates me and gives that plumped-up glow, which is exactly what you want.

I love good treatments

I would fly anywhere for a great Endermologie body massage treatment, as it just gets the whole body going and changes everything. I would also travel anywhere to see Joanna Czech for one of her facials. The rest I do at home.

If I’m tired but wired…

…I read. I also take magnesium every night.

On my bedside table…

…I have a book about Buddhism and some of my 500 beauty devices.