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Art of Style

Get dressed with Julie Pelipas

The Ukrainian fashion director has become a cult figure in the fashion world, thanks to her minimal-meets-directional aesthetic. These are the secrets to her style…


Find your focus

“My style is all about mixing classic and minimal pieces with one really directional item, kind of like finding the perfect frame for a work of art. I would never wear a full runway look; if you add too many statement pieces, an outfit can get quite confused. Maybe that’s boring, but I’m extremely tall, so I have to keep my look fairly pared back, otherwise it can seem quite try-hard.”

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Pelipas balances statement outerwear with more simple pieces for a pared-back look

Less is more

“When it comes to beauty, I go for a natural look. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that the less makeup I wear, the younger I look. Even when I put on just a little bit of mascara, I feel like it ages me. I’m not into injections, I just take really good care of my skin. I give myself facial massages about three times a week and I use sheet masks. The same goes for my hair – I prefer to wear it undone in a middle parting.”

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The fashion editor invests in love-forever pieces that will transcend trends

Inspire yourself

“Styling is about capturing a state of mind and dressing in a way that makes you feel beautiful – it’s not about following trends or rules. Trust your instincts and try putting unexpected pieces together. It’s like being the star of your own movie: each day you just decide what kind of movie you want it to be, and then create that mood.”

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Go for quality over quantity

“I don’t actually shop that often; I try to follow Vivienne Westwood’s rule that you should buy less, choose well and make it last. So now I only purchase things I will love and wear forever, and not just forget about them in a couple of months. I don’t have a huge wardrobe, but I do have some really special pieces, like an Hermès coat designed by Martin Margiela. I can’t wait to share those sorts of special pieces with my daughter when she grows up.”

  • $4,390.00

Remember: comfort is key

“I love double-breasted blazers and suits, but I always soften the look by wearing them over a silky camisole or slip dress and finish with statement earrings. That’s my go-to look. You can even see this mix of masculinity and femininity in my styling. I would never wear a look I don’t feel comfortable in. Early on in my career, when I first started going to shows, I made that mistake, and those outfits were always a disaster because I didn’t feel like myself. When I’m working, I live in jeans. I have so many pairs – I love hunting for vintage styles at flea markets.”

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Blazers and suits get the soft touch with an elegant knit or layered shirts

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