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7 Of The Best Overnight Beauty Treatments

If you’re not using an intensive night-time treatment, you’re missing out on beauty’s golden hours. Introducing the PORTER beauty team’s edit for true overnight success…


Just like your mind and body, your skin regenerates while you sleep, so it can be the most effective time to use more potent and active products. From the best overnight treatments to the smart serums and masks that can deliver even more when left to work while you sleep, these seven treatments deliver truly transformative results…

BEST FOR SKIN RENEWAL Medik8 r-Retinoate Youth Activating Cream Intense

With retinol already lauded as the overnight star ingredient of skincare, this excellent cream uses retinol and retinyl retinoate – the latter being the newer vitamin A derivative that’s shown to give similar results to those of (prescription-only) retinonic acid, or Retin-A, but without the usual skin-irritating side effects. A super-smart cream in a great texture that really delivers.

BEST FOR FINE LINES Natura Bissé Inhibit High Definition Patches

This is a genius product that’s the closest you can get to the effects of an in-clinic injectable treatment, but at home and syringe-free. Simply stick one of these patches where you have expression lines (frown lines, laugher lines, crow’s-feet) and leave on overnight. The microneedles on the patch are made up of actives, including collagen peptides and muscle-movement inhibitors, and these dissolve into the skin as you sleep. The result is smoother skin and visibly reduced lines. One use can last several days, but the more regularly you use them, the longer the effects will last.

BEST FOR A SUN-KISSED GLOW Tan-Luxe Super Glow Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum

Using an overnight self-tan can be easier than applying it during the day, as there is less chance of it smudging as it develops. These self-tan drops by Tan-Luxe can be used prior to your night cream, or even mixed in with it, so you can control the depth of your tan, building up color over subsequent nights. But what really sets this product apart is the added hyaluronic acid; self-tan is famously drying on the skin, but this blend adds skin-plumping hydration, ensuring a healthier-looking and longer-lasting ‘tan’.

BEST FOR DRY, SENSITIZED SKIN Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask

Whether caused by the weather, your environment (air conditioning or heating), lifestyle or stress, there are times when your skin seems a little more reactive, drier, tighter or just generally duller. Which is exactly when you need to use this face mask; creamy, luxurious and soothing, it not only deeply nourishes dry skin but helps it retain more moisture. Either use as and when needed or, for very dry skin, make it a twice-weekly part of your night-time regimen.


This smart blend of lactic acid to hydrate, salicylic acid to counter breakouts and azelaic acid to control excess oil conveniently slots into your usual evening regimen. Use up to three times a week, under your usual night cream, and this super-serum helps clear pores and prevent breakouts, but still leaves skin soft, hydrated and comfortable.


Dr. Barbara Sturm is famous for her high-powered serums, and these ampoules deliver a generous dose of her cult Night Serum (enough for the face, neck, chest and backs of hands). With purslane to protect against free-radical damage, hyaluronic acid to hydrate, and cotton thistle to strengthen the skin’s barrier (vital for a healthy complexion), this serum supports the natural overnight-repair process and ensures you wake up looking rosy, rested and glowing.

BEST FOR DAMAGED HAIR Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Pre-Shampoo Treatment

A real miracle product, this pre-shampoo treatment softens, smooths and strengthens frazzled, over-processed hair, even when it seems beyond help. It should be left on for a couple of hours, but we recommend using it once a week overnight for maximum results. Dampen your hair with water, then massage the cream through the lengths. You’ll need to place a towel over your pillow and tie your hair up before bed, but it will feel much silkier after you shampoo the product out in the morning.


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