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5 of the best fitness apps

Want to feel your best in 2019? Keep up your exercise regimen this year with the fitness apps that are well worth a place on your home screen. By DANIELLE FOX



Trainer Kayla Itsines’ obsessed-over program is now one of the most-downloaded fitness apps in the world. It combines daily workouts with nutritional advice and features a photo tracker – Itsines frequently shares inspiring before/after images on Instagram to motivate her 10.3 million followers, aka Kayla’s Army – and intensity options from gentle warm-ups to strength training. Her 28-minute HIIT workouts (many of which need no equipment whatsoever) are short enough to suit busy lives, but rigorous enough to deliver results and can be done anywhere. You can link it to your Apple Watch to track your steps, do a workout or a foam-roller stretch session with a video right from your wrist.

Available on, Android, iOS and Apple TV


Boxing without gloves or even a punch bag may sound like it shouldn’t work, but this virtual workout, co-devised by Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Louis Rennocks, definitely does. Combining short, sharp rounds of boxing moves with bodyweight exercises (think burpees, push-ups and squats), it’s fast, furious and a lot of fun. You don’t need boxing gloves, but it’s well worth buying an exercise band. If you’ve never done boxing before, there is a speedy 60-second technique video to watch beforehand, and the useful add-on yoga training videos will help you to stretch out and soothe sore, fatigued muscles after each session.

Available on, Android, iOS and Apple TV


This is the workout beloved by Victoria’s Secret Angels for its low-impact, posture-realigning moves that sculpt and define the body without bulking. While studio time with NYC trainer Stephen Pasterino comes with a huge waiting list, the P.volve app gives all of us access to his hugely popular micro-movement method. Pasterino’s ‘pre-hab’ workouts take the very best of Pilates, Barre and strength training to activate and target the smaller muscles responsible for a more sculpted definition. His studio classes employ light-resistance tools such as bands, ankle weights and gliding discs, but the app has body-weight workouts that require no equipment – it’s like having a PT in your pocket.

Available on, Android, iOS and Apple TV


Like FaceTime for yogis, this intelligent app uses two-way streaming technology through the camera on your laptop, phone, tablet or television to bring you classes live in your own home. Each interactive class (there’s a wide range to sign up to each week) varies from 15-minute mindful meditation sessions to one-hour Ashtanga classes that typically up to ten people join. While you won’t be able to see neighboring mats, the streaming allows instructors to check your posture, direct you and give gentle encouragement. For the camera-shy, you can start with a recording of a previous session, lecture or workshop to ease you in.

Available on, Android, iOS and Apple TV


From apprehensive beginners to veteran marathon runners and everyone in-between, this running app goes beyond basic GPS tracking to include motivation and coaching features. You’ll be guided along the way by built-in image sharing that overlays your run stats with a photo from your route, audio-based workouts from top Nike coaches like Olympic athlete Mo Farah, and even end-of-run cheers from top athletes (that feel gently encouraging, rather than patronizing). Plus, all the audio-coached runs feature a Spotify add-on, so you can lay the coach’s cues over your favorite playlist or podcast, or complete a mindful run with meditation app Headspace – great when you just need a pep talk to keep going. For Apple Watch users, the app also negates the need to bring your phone, making your tech as seamless as your run.

Available on, Android and iOS


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