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5 of the best skin supplements

While there’s nothing that can compensate for a poor diet or a chronic health problem, a high-quality supplement can have the potential to boost your wellbeing. DANIELLE FOX reveals the right pills to pop


BEST FOR BEFORE BEDTIME Bodyism Serenity shake

It’s estimated that each year, more than a third of us suffer from insomnia. Considered the ‘anti-stress’ mineral, magnesium (which is found in this shake) is well known for its ability to relieve sleeplessness and relax muscles and nerves. One study found that it helped to decrease cortisol – the stress hormone that can keep you up at night – while another showed that it had a positive effect on depression and mood. Mix one scoop with water or any milk and drink before bedtime.


In recent years, probiotics have become synonymous with helping maintain good digestive health. Now, emerging research is finding that the benefits of probiotics may extend beyond the digestive tract to the skin. According to research by L’Oréal, skin prone to acne or rosacea has shown improvement with daily probiotic use. The probiotics line the gut and create a healthy, sealed barrier that prevents the inflammation that triggers acne or rosacea and dull skin. “Always keep refrigerated, regardless of texture, and look for a probiotic with bacteria in its billions for a higher-strength dose,’’ advises nutritionist Amelia Freer.


When we’re anxious, the body secretes adrenaline and dopamine, which both help to keep stress symptoms at bay. But we’ve only got a finite amount of those two chemicals, so as we run out, those symptoms begin to creep back in. This blend of vitamin C, B12 and the plant Bacopa helps relieve stress, supports the nervous system responsible for our fight-or-flight modes, and enhances our mental performance.

BEST FOR PRE-WORKOUT ENERGY Neat Nutrition Lean Protein

L-carnitine is an amino acid compound that prevents fatigue during intense exercise, helping to enhance the rate with which oxygen is delivered to muscles and preventing the build-up of lactic acid, which causes muscle soreness. It can also increase energy in the brain, providing a cognitive boost to help us think more clearly. Plus, with added matcha green tea, this supplement helps kick-start the metabolism and break down fats.


“Everything is related to inflammation,’’ says dermatologist Nicholas Perricone MD, who has extolled the benefits of an anti-inflammatory lifestyle for the last 30 years. “In the short term it can cause breakouts, allergies, headaches and painful menstrual periods, but in the long term, new research is suggesting a link to more heavy-hitting illnesses such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s, depression and even cancer.” Omega 3 is the real hero for quenching inflammatory flare-ups, while also excellent for the health of the heart and the nervous system. You can find these ‘good fats’ in nuts, dark green vegetables, wholegrain and fish, in particular salmon, trout and sardines (wild-caught is best). But for ease, get your daily dose from Perricone MD Omega 3 or Dr. Barbara Sturm Repair Food.

• Not all supplements are equal – always read labels to understand exactly what you are taking. Examine.com is an unbiased independent US supplement resource and a great reference point.

• Before incorporating anything into your diet, always consult a professional to screen for potential allergies or complications.

• Above all, remember that supplements are just that – an addition to a healthy diet. In other words, popping vitamins is no substitute for eating well.

Danielle Fox is a registered nutritionist