7 Ways To Get Flawless Skin For Spring

From a spring-clean peel and luxurious overnight treatment to the best instant glow-givers and the cream that can change your skin – these are the products that will brighten, tighten and transform your complexion this season, says NEWBY HANDS


BEST FOR A SKIN SPRING-CLEAN Glo Skin Beauty Hydra-Bright AHA Glow Peel Kit

Known for offering a range of peels that include everything from spa treatments to doctor-approved, in-clinic products, Glo Skin Beauty’s AHA home kit gives you everything you need for a monthly skin-brightening refresh. Although the ‘lightest’ of the home peels (the resurfacing and retinol peels pack more of a punch), it’s easy to do, there is no downtime, redness or flaking, and your skin looks beautifully fresh and glowing for days after.

BEST FOR A TOTAL SKIN RESET Medik8 Crystal Retinal 10 Stable Retinal Night Serum

If you want to transform a dull or uneven skin tone, this is the treatment cream for you. Using retinaldehyde in varying percentages (the 3 and 6 creams are lighter), this is the closest you can get to the texture-refining, glow-giving results of a prescription tretinoin cream – but without the infamous redness, flaking and soreness associated with using Retin-A. Plus, because it’s less irritating, it’s easier to commit to and use regularly – in fact, due to the visible improvement after just one tube, it’s now replaced my derm-prescribed Retin-A cream.

BEST FOR LIT-FROM-WITHIN SKIN Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops

These cult drops multi-task to give any skin a beautifully dewy, juicy and shimmer-free glow. In addition to the formula’s hydrating quality, it calms inflammation and redness, and gives a subtle sheen to the face, as well as bare collarbones and shoulders. Plus, the light texture works on any skin type. Use on bare skin, under makeup, mixed into makeup or applied over the top to instantly achieve healthy, fresh, glowy skin.

BEST FOR AN OVERNIGHT TREAT U Beauty The Barrier Bioactive Treatment

This indulgently creamy gel is wonderful on skin that feels stressed, tired or out of sorts. Apply generously at the end of your nighttime routine to let it deep-treat skin while you sleep, and you will wake up to a wonderfully soothed, plump and juicy complexion. Use it two to three times a week, or overnight, as I do – it’s addictively good and it’s worked wonders on my super-dry skin.

BEST FOR INSTANT GLOW Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick in Lit

Not all highlighters are made equal, and this range stands out from the rest. Offering a great choice of colors (from bronze Brûlée to the delicate pink Nectar), the real star for me is the classic Lit, a sheer, almost clear iridescent shade that makes most skin tones look polished and naturally glowing. Creator and A-list makeup artist Gucci Westman suggests using it under the eyes (under makeup) for a lightening and brightening effect.

BEST FOR SKIN CLARITY Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Clay masks are not just for oil-prone complexions – the best leave all skin types with a beautiful, velvety clarity – and you only need to apply them for 10 minutes to plump up skin, even tone and add luminosity. Charlotte Tilbury uses this mask on her A-list clients to tighten pores and hydrate the skin pre-makeup, while a mid-week clay mask (and a weekend nourishing mask) is just a basic in most French women’s beauty regimens.

BEST FOR REFINING Angela Caglia Gold Cryo Facial Set

It’s one of the oldest beauty tricks in Hollywood, but rather than dunking our face in a bowl of iced water, today we can use these more elegant icing devices. Keep them chilled in the fridge, and whenever you want to refine your skin texture and define and depuff your features, massage them over a favorite face cream, nourishing mask or hydrating serum. The combination of the cold and creams gives the most beautiful, almost poreless finish to the skin. It may not last forever, but it resets a puffy, pouchy-looking complexion, and fast.


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