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Beyoncé And Zendaya’s Hairdresser Shares Her Top Hair Hacks – And What It’s Like Working With Queen B

With a résumé that resembles a Pinterest board of famous hairstyles – from creating the iconic Crazy in Love and Super Bowl hairstyles for Beyoncé to heading up the looks in TV hit show Euphoria – legendary hairstylist KIM KIMBLE has done it all. Here, she shares her advice on the best way to care for your hair

Kimble famously styled Beyoncé’s confident curls for the singer’s 2016 Super Bowl 50 half-time show

Sleep on silk

“Silk pillowcases, a silk bonnet, silk rollers – these are all very popular now, and they work! There’s something about the silk fabric that keeps your hair glossy and smooth. You won’t have to use a lot of heat on your hair, and it will retain its shine. Silk also minimizes split ends, which occur more rapidly at night with the friction from sleeping.”

Combat frizz with a mild clarifying shampoo

“To stop frizz, especially for curly hair, use a mild shampoo with a low pH balance. Make sure it’s moisturizing, non-stripping and super-cleansing. This will help your curls pop, but it tones the frizz down for any texture.”

Invest in a ceramic flat iron

“A lot of people like to use titanium, which is great if you want your hair super-straight. But if you want to keep your hair healthier, you should be using ceramic. Also, pay attention to the dials on your iron: lower the heat as much as you can if you want to keep some texture and maintain your curl or wave pattern.”

Do a monthly hot-oil treatment

“I’ve always had a love for nourishing people’s hair. I warm up the oil and apply it, or I apply it straight out of the bottle and put on a heating cap. These treatments will keep your hair from getting really dry long-term. If you do them on a regular basis, they help improve the integrity and boost the texture of your hair. You can either do the treatment before you shampoo, or shampoo the oil out lightly after applying it during your wash. You should rub it into your scalp and then take it all the way down to your ends – it will give your hair a lot of body afterwards. For the treatments, I love to use black castor oil, jojoba oil or avocado oil.”

And on working with Beyoncé…

“I always love working with Beyoncé and we’ve been making magic together since her first solo album came out. She was already a star [then], but I’ve seen her grow into superstardom. A lot of people were coming to me afterwards, requesting her hair from Crazy in Love. So many people wanted to work with me after that, so it really changed my career. Working with her for the Lemonade visual album was also monumental. The hair was really starting to change during those years, and we were doing more texture and Afro-centric styles.

“I love seeing more textures represented and new ways of creating and uplifting texture. The way it’s being approached right now, trend-wise, is unconventional and different.”


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