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The Beauty Memo

7 everyday beauty luxuries we all need

Sometimes, it’s the small things that bring the greatest pleasure. Here, the PORTER beauty team shares a special selection of its favorite little indulgences…

Clockwise from top left: Le Labo Liquid Balm in Neroli 36, Senteurs d’Orient Jasmine of Arabia Mediterranean Bath Salts, Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil, Slip Beauty Sleep To Go Travel Set, Claus Porto Iris Guest Soaps, Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Highlight, Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Lipstick

THE MUST-TRY BODY GLOW Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Blanc/Soleil Neige Shimmering Body Oil

Luminous skin is a perennial summer staple, and there’s good reason why the beauty team consistently comes back to Tom Ford Beauty’s Soleil Blanc and Soleil Neige Shimmering Body Oils, time and time again. Not just because the oils capture that sun-warmed-skin vacation scent, but these tinted body finishers also give the most beautiful flourish on the décolleté, clavicles and any exposed skin. We also like to add a fingerprint to cheekbones for a dewy highlight.


There are plenty of reasons to love rollerball fragrances – their size makes them the perfect partner for your purse, and the rollerball makes it easy to layer up scents. Le Labo’s Liquid Balms, all of which come with a safflower-seed oil and wax base (great for sensitive skin), softly melt into the skin and pulse points for an intoxicating finish that comes alive on warm skin.

THE DECADENT BATH SALTS Senteurs d’Orient Jasmine of Arabia Mediterranean Bath Salts

Choosing the right ‘seasoning’ for your soak should be an indulgent experience, which is why adding these jasmine-imbued salts will make tub time even more pleasurable. Infused with a mix of magnesium, calcium and essential oils – basically, everything you need for healthy, hydrated skin – these salts also come housed in a hand-sculpted ceramic tub, which makes for the perfect nightstand jewelry holder, once empty.

THE (ALMOST) TOO PRETTY TO USE SOAPS Claus Porto Iris Guest Soap Box

More like a gift box of delectable macaroons than a selection of hand soaps, this rainbow-colored collection makes the mundane into a moment of real pleasure. With 15 slimline bars in three different scents, it might be a good idea to get two: one for guests, one for yourself.

THE MODERN COMPACT Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Highlight

A clever update on the classic compact that our grandmothers used to powder down shine, makeup artist Gucci Westman swaps old-school pressed powder for this beautiful, super-sheeny bronzer. Cleanly formulated and using organic jojoba oil, plus hydrating hyaluronic acid, it can be layered up from a light wash to a shimmering high shine.

THE OLD-SCHOOL GLAMOUR LIPSTICK Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Lipstick

Slim, sleek and incredibly elegant, this lipstick was never made to be reapplied in the privacy of the powder room. Inspired by the old Hollywood-style cigarette holders, this gold case can be filled (and refilled) with one of a choice of 28 highly pigmented shades. Plus, its slim shape makes it ultra-easy to apply.

THE BEAUTY-SLEEP ESSENTIAL Slip Beauty Sleep To Go Travel Set

This glamorous mini silk-covered pillow with matching silk eye mask will transform the way you travel from now on. Cocooning and cozy to use in-flight, the silk coverings also help to keep your skin hydrated and your hair smoother, as silk absorbs less moisture and creates less friction.