10 Inspirational Interior-Design Ideas From Spectacular Hotels Around The World

Soho House Rome, Italy

Who better to offer wanderlust-worthy interior-design ideas than the creative minds behind some of the world’s most impressive hotels? By KATIE BERRINGTON

Soho House Rome is a celebration of Italian craftsmanship, with many of the furnishings made by local designers

Soho House Rome, Italy

“The design in every Soho House around the world is inspired and influenced by the city it is in,” says Severine Lammoglia, lead designer at the group. Soho House Rome is one of the most recent openings, where the team “used as many local Italian suppliers, textiles and materials as possible, throughout the House, as a celebration of the craftsmanship of Italy,” says Lammoglia. “For example, most of the lamps in the House are made by a local Italian ceramicist; and we used graniglie flooring in the bedrooms. The rooftop floor of the House is my favorite – it’s made from palladiana stone, inspired by flooring from Ancient Rome – and I think it makes the space feel traditionally Roman.”

NoMad London, UK

The recently opened NoMad London takes residence inside a 19th-century building known as The Bow Street Magistrates’ Court and Police Station, and its storied history is imbued in the interiors. “One of our favorite design elements in the hotel is the contrast between the grit and strength of the building, mixed with softer, textured interiors – a concept we like to call ‘New Romanticism’,” say Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, founders of interior design studio Roman and Williams, which transformed the building with artistic and cultural references from London and New York. “We achieved this by combining rich, textured textiles, aesthetic-inspired woodwork and ethereal murals to create a space that evokes a grand residence, but is tempered with the bohemian spirit that is infused into every one of our projects.”

At NoMad London, the overall effect is one of rich contrast, thanks to grand proportions, ethereal murals and a bohemian spirit
From Sir Frank’s Bar to the luxurious bedrooms and resplendent bathrooms, Beaverbrook Town House blends a retro 1950s vibe with a colorful sense of nostalgia
Palazzo Avino on the Amalfi coast is famous for its pastel aesthetic and light-filled interiors
The water suites at Indonesia’s Bawah Reserve take their inspiration from nature and the eco-resort’s tropical surroundings
Color with a hint of fun – and spectacular sea views – are the name of the game at St Barth’s Eden Rock hotel
Ocean House uses a classic mix of textures, textiles, artwork and furniture to create a luxurious yet relaxed environment

Ocean House, Rhode Island, USA

“Find a piece that you’re using in the space that inspires you – whether that’s your surroundings, an artwork, a rug, or even a table lamp,” says interior designer Brittany Borghesi, of New England seaside resort Ocean House. “Whatever that piece is, use it as your guide to pull together fabrics, textiles and furniture to bring your vision to life. I also like to add a mix of different textures, patterns and heights in each space. A helpful tip is to add an oversized mirror in a small space to make it feel bigger and to reflect more light into the space.”

The Lowell, New York

“What I try my best to incorporate when decorating a guest room or suite – be it at the hotel or in my own home – is to try to allow for as much natural light as possible,” considers co-owner and design director Dina De Luca Chartouni of The Lowell, a tree-lined townhouse on New York’s Upper East Side. “I think this is especially important for city residences – a bright, airy room feels like a retreat, away from the madness of the city. Our guests love returning to the lightness of our rooms after a day among the skyscrapers of Manhattan.”

At the One&Only Portonovi, the residence’s fireplaces take on extra significance as a link between the past and the present
Cobblers Cove’s fresh interiors are complemented by white woodwork and shades of blue and green