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How to summer-proof your makeup

It’s not just your wardrobe that requires a seasonal swap come summer: switching up your products for more summer-appropriate alternatives is a must for warmer weather, says GEORGIA DAY. Here’s what you need to get started


Despite the likely absence of beach holidays and leisurely city breaks this summer, rising temperatures and increased humidity still require a change in approach when it comes to your makeup bag. Replace your cool-weather kit with a few well-chosen alternatives and you’ll be ready to face the summer, however it happens.

Adjust your base layers

Before you begin to think about what kind of base to use in the heat, tweak your skincare accordingly. Err on the side of caution, particularly if you’re prone to oiliness and shine, and “stick to light, thin serums and avoid heavy moisturizers”, says Hollywood-based skin expert Kate Somerville. Look for products formulated with hyaluronic acid, a molecule that infuses skin with moisture effectively but weightlessly. A mattifying primer is another sensible option to quell unwanted shine. As well as keeping your makeup in place and reducing excess sebum, it acts as a buffer between skin and the environment, to help protect it from the damaging effects of pollution. “Anything with pigment in it is going to help protect your skin against the elements,” says Somerville.

Rethink your formulas

Makeup moves around more in heat and humidity, so minimize the fallout by choosing fewer, lighter layers that will be less problematic if they do start to shift. One coat of your regular mascara followed by an impenetrable layer of waterproof formula will seal the color in and negate smudging, while, for skin, tinted moisturizers or BB creams are a great option. They still provide light-medium coverage but offer seamless blending and a more imperceptible second-skin finish. If you must use foundation, take a tip from makeup artist Gucci Westman when it comes to a slightly altered application: “For foundation in summer, I’ll spot-check areas that need it with my Foundation Brush, then use my fingers to pat it into the skin for a soft, natural look.” If you usually rely on powders to eliminate shine, swap them out for blotting papers, which won’t drag or smudge your color coverage and will look infinitely more chic in your purse.

Opt for multi-tasking SPFs

SPF application is non-negotiable all year round, but during warm weather, choose hybrid formulations that will cut down on needless layers. Creamy, tinted SPFs that can be swiped straight from the stick on to lips or blended in with fingers are a must for any summer scene, while a setting spray that doubles as an SPF will not only keep makeup in place invisibly, it will offer strong protection against UV, too. “UncompliKated Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray SPF50 is a mineral spray, so it goes on smoothly right over makeup, and you can reapply it easily throughout the day,” says Somerville. The gentle formula is also suitable for sensitive skins and will eliminate the chalky residue that some cream formulas leave behind.

Switch up your textures

Powder formulas have the potential to clump and clog in already-sticky pores during the heat. Instead, choose cream textures, which will work on all skin types, from dry to oily. They’ll still offer ease of application and exceptional pay-off, but will be infinitely more forgiving when it comes to enduring the humidity, as well as the rising mercury. To make the most of these feather-light formulas, press on to skin with clean fingers for a diffused finish. Most eyeliners are wax-based, making them more prone to movement, especially if the skin on your eyelids is oily to start with. For a smudge-proof alternative, stock up on gel textures, which are long-lasting and more durable in water or humid climes.

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