The Beauty Memo

The dermatologist-approved at-home routine for healthy, glowing skin

With more free time to spend on our beauty regimen in recent months, one of the unexpected benefits of lockdown has been better-looking skin, according to top dermatologists. To ensure it stays this way, NEWBY HANDS speaks to an expert and reveals the best advice to implement at home


When it comes to our skin, it seems that recent events have left us with one positive legacy (one less so was the phenomenon of maskne): when dermatologist Dr Dennis Gross reopened his famous New York clinic, he was surprised to see a marked positive change in many of his patients’ complexions. “Because people hadn’t been able to see their regular doctor or esthetician, many had taken the time to really look after their skin themselves, and the difference it made in the quality of their complexions was perceptible,” explains Dr Gross. “Those who devised their own regimen with the right products and devices have shown a marked difference in the radiance, firmness, health and even youthfulness of their skin.” Then there were those patients who, without their regular skin experts on hand, had taken a more laissez-faire approach, doing little to nothing beyond the basics… “And I have to say, these people did not look so good,” adds Dr Gross. “It just goes to show that a good and consistent skin regimen really does matter.”

But with so many products to try, and rules and advice to follow, what constitutes ‘a good regimen’? And what exactly could we be adding to our regular skincare routine to give us even better skin? Here, Dr Gross shares his top tips…

Know your skin

“We often think we know our skin and end up treating it the same way, day in, day out. But you need to really look at it properly, close up in the mirror, so you know what your skin is like and are able to decide what really bothers you about it. Remember, your skin only ever looks as good as the worst problem you have solved.”

Target specific skin concerns

“Once you have decided on the issues that bother you most about your complexion – that list may comprise fine lines, redness, hyper-pigmentation, firmness or dryness – you can start to fine-tune your skincare routine. I would recommend choosing the top one or two issues you want to improve – and then only use the products and treatments that specifically treat those problems. Making a change for the better takes a focused and targeted approach – don’t be tempted to randomly try other products that do different jobs.”

Use a peel

“There are some general recommendations I like to make, including using a daily skin peel. And it’s not just for treating the fine lines and wrinkles, which people can become obsessed with. More than that, I love regular peeling because it gives skin an overall glow and a youthful look, which, with a peel, can be instantaneous. At the same time, a peel is also tackling a whole range of other concerns, from helping to boost collagen and even out hyper-pigmentation to keeping your skin in balance. A good peel is a universal treatment.”

Use a targeted serum

“While a peel is a great general skin treatment, as is daily vitamin C and nightly retinol, the serum you use should always be targeted to do a specific job based on what your skin needs help with – pigmentation, dryness, anti-aging, calming and so on.”

Up your applications

“While people have been working from home, they have been able to use their skincare products more often throughout the day. If you are able to re-apply key products – such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrators – a couple of extra times during the day, then you should notice a difference.”

Know your devices

“I love a face steamer, and this is something you can easily use twice a week at home. It takes less than 10 minutes and steaming the skin is great for all skin types. I also love LED, as it can treat some quite complex skin problems. Initially, you should use LED daily for 10 weeks. Red LED is great for targeting fine lines, helping to achieve a more youthful-looking complexion; blue light is excellent for acne – especially if you are suffering from ‘maskne’.”

Your skin doesn’t lie

“If it’s looking good, you’re doing the right thing. If you are using the right products and following the right regime, your skin will respond beautifully – and you should start to see some results in a matter of days. That’s how you know you are on the right track.”


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