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The Brush-Free, Fuss-Free Summer Makeup This A-List Makeup Artist Swears By

With a client list that includes Jessica Biel, Freida Pinto and the Duchess of Sussex, DANIEL MARTIN is famous for creating beautifully natural looks and luminous skin (remember Meghan Markle’s wedding-day glow?). Here, he shares how to master a seamless complexion – no brush required

Daniel Martin’s signature less-is-more look is favored by the likes of Hollywood stars Jessica Biel and Freida Pinto

Start with the right skincare

“Stay away from the more emollient, creamy products during summer, as they can feel like they are weighing on your skin and don’t produce the right makeup base. Instead, look for water-based skincare, so you have that hydration and easy absorption. Finish with a SPF that also acts as a primer, so it not only protects but gives you a good base for your makeup.”

Foundation should look like seamless skin, not makeup

“I never use a sponge to apply foundation, just my fingers, but I do use a damp sponge as a finisher, as it kind of pulls everything together. Start in the center of the face [with the sponge] and work outwards – sometimes when using your fingers you get those little streaks of makeup, but the sponge will blend and buff them out and ‘settle’ the makeup. If you feel you’ve used too much blush or contour, just go over it with a little foundation and finish with the damp sponge. I love how it makes that color look as though it is coming through the skin rather than sitting on top.”

The right powder is essential

“No matter what texture makeup you use, or what degree of creaminess you like, you want to set it with powder for longevity. I love the Tatcha talc-free rice powder, but any type of talc-free, very fine mica, rice or corn powder is good.”

The secret to sun-kissed skin

“You want to mimic where the sun naturally hits your face by using two fingers (ring and middle) to apply the bronzing product on the highest parts of the face. Using your fingers this way – and not a brush – means you have more control and can build up color little by little, rather than applying it full throttle; I use my hands a lot [to] build up the makeup. To get this second-skin finish, you want to feel as if you’re working the bronzer into your skin – the new Charlotte Tilbury Sun-Kissed Glow Bronzers have that beautiful velvety, creamy finish that will hold in the heat.”

Use one shade to harmonize the face

“I love using one multi-use color – it pulls the features together beautifully. When you look at someone [who is using one shade], you notice that they are finished and look polished, but you don’t realize why, as the color is harmonized between the eyes, cheeks and lips. If you’re not using a multi-use pot, use a cheek color on your eyes and lips, too, rather than a lipstick on your cheeks – lip formulas can be too emollient and will move within the hour, as the pigment is not designed to stay on your skin.”

Perfectly position your highlighter

“Start just below the outer corner of the eye, as this tends to be the highest part of your face. If you start here with your highlighter, it will allow you to blend up and out as you build it up.”


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