The Beauty Memo

6 of the best new beauty products to try now

The new launches worth investing in – as tried and tested by PORTER’s beauty desk

Illustration Willa Gebbie

YOUR FAVORITE FACE CREAM – BUT LIGHTER Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Light

Charlotte Tilbury first started whipping up her now-iconic Magic Cream and decanting it into pots to use on models backstage at fashion shows or on set with her A-list clients. Since she brought it to the masses in 2013, it has become renowned for injecting a huge dose of moisture into skin, while creating a beautifully smooth canvas for makeup. Now, the formula has been reworked into a lighter texture. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Light delivers the same benefits as the original but with the addition of SPF20 and an airier texture that is ideal for humidity and warmer temperatures. Suzanne Scott

THE DO-IT-ALL MASCARA Pat McGrath Labs Dark Star Mascara

I like my lashes to be many things at once ­– long, thick, dense, lifted and jet black – which is why I often find myself layering up two, or even three, different mascaras in the morning. That was until I tried this amazing Pat McGrath Labs mascara. The combination of a contoured brush and gel-like formula means it adds volume and separation, plus it makes the lash line appear thicker, gives a curl that truly lasts and evenly coats each hair in a glossy, deep inky black. It makes lashes look amazing and cuts down the time it takes to get ready in the morning. SS

THE CULT SUPER SERUM Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex II

It may be 38 years since it first launched, but there is nothing ‘old’ about this global superstar. Updated regularly, and now in its latest reformulation (for better repair and collagen boosting), what really makes this serum so famous is the brilliant effect it has on the skin. As a dedicated Advanced Night Repair user for 20 years, I love it because it deeply hydrates (Estée Lauder was using hyaluronic acid long before everyone else), plus it calms and repairs skin with a cocktail of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. It’s also the one product I continually recommend and always have amazing feedback on, from giving dry skin a dewy glow to calming and clearing breakouts and even soothing sunburn. This is my desert-island product. Newby Hands

THE NATURAL SUMMER GLOW GIVER Gucci Beauty Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil

A beautifully seamless blend of skincare ingredients – hyaluronic acid and shea butter – with color, this elegant Gucci Beauty bronzing powder (available in five shades) gives skin that just-in-the-sun warmth with added glow and luminosity. Plus, it’s buildable, allowing you to choose between a wash of color to a full-on, ‘weekend-away’ faux tan. Either blend along the tops of cheekbones and down the bridge of the nose for a beachy bronzed look, or dust on in an E-shape – blending along the hairline, down over the temples, in along the cheekbones, down the side of the face, and in along the jawline. NH

THE PERSONALIZED SERUM ‘WARDROBE’ Ubuna Beauty Drench, Re-Gen, Resist and Brighten serums

Concise, clear and straightforward, these high-science serums are targeted to do one specific job (plump skin with hydration, protect from pollution, renew overnight, and brighten and even tone). The idea being that you mix, match and layer as you choose. Using Japanese medical research and formulated with anti-bodies extracted from the yolk of ostrich eggs (birds apparently renowned for great health – who knew?), my new favorite ‘blend’ is Ubuna Beauty’s Drench mixed with Brighten for really plumped-up, dewy, juicy skin. NH

THE AT-HOME COLLAGEN BOOSTER TriPollar Stop X facial renewal and rejuvenation device

Proven to boost collagen by triggering the skin’s natural repair mechanism, radio frequency (RF) is the established in-clinic treatment for plumping up lines and creating a firmer-looking face. The genius TriPollar Stop X device provides the same technology to use safely at home. And we know it works because this is the device that a beauty-obsessed – and beautifully complexioned – colleague has been raving about for over a year. Simple and painless to use, it heats the skin to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (think bearably warm) as you work it in circles; your full face should take about 15 minutes. It even passes our PORTER ‘Netflix test’, meaning it’s easy enough to do while watching your favorite show – probably the best guarantee that it will actually get used. NH