Confidence-Boosting Summer-Body Buys

Body care doesn’t have to be complicated. For the best hydrating creams, radiance-boosting peels and instant skin-shimmers, NEWBY HANDS highlights the products that will make you look and feel good, fast


The transforming body peels

While we may have a cabinet full of acid-based face peels, the focus has remained on grainy scrubs for body care. Fast but superficial, they buff the surface to polish skin – unlike chemical peels, which lift dead cells and work at a deeper level to improve your complexion’s overall condition. Admittedly, the choice of acid-based body peels is currently small (but growing), yet one standout formula is Lancer’s The Method: Body Nourish. Comprising glycolic and hyaluronic acids, plus a soft skin-blurring finish, it works like a premium face cream to leave dull, flat-looking skin looking plump, glowing and polished. (Unsurprisingly, it’s the hero product Dr. Lancer advises his LA clients to use for two weeks before walking the red carpet.) Also good is RéVive’s Supérieur Body Nightly Renewing Serum, which uses the same actives as its famous face care, plus glycolic and lactic acids and niacinamide; use it nightly to nix an uneven skin tone and crepe-like texture.

The pro power tools

When something works brilliantly on our face, we want exactly the same results for our body. Cue Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s DRx SpectraLite BodyWare Pro, which – like his famed LED masks – utilizes collagen-inducing red light (good for improving skin on hands, chest, stomach or knees) and breakout-clearing blue light (ideal for problem chests or, with a bit of dexterity, backs) to target specific areas. Be consistent and you’ll see results –research shows red light is good for sleep, too. Elsewhere, NuFace will help to firm and sculpt your face, while the NuBody Skin Toning Device uses the same micro-current technology to achieve a similar effect on your body. Use it to smooth skin on your hips, stomach and thighs, or work it over your upper arms before an evening out. Five minutes on each arm seems to ‘iron out’ the flesh, if only for a few hours (the pulse targets skin, not muscle), but regular use should yield longer-lasting results.

The instant glow-getters

Adding a bit of color and sheen instantly makes you look better. The skin below the chin, in particular, can comprise a mix of textures and tones (think dry, super-dry and oily), so using something that unifies them immediately makes you look more finished. Charlotte Tilbury’s Supermodel Body is a classic skin-finishing tint that works – I mix it with body lotion for my arms and legs, then apply it neat to highlight my shins and shoulders. However, the one shade can be limiting, so Kevyn Aucoin’s beautiful Glass Glow Liquid Illuminator is a great alternative. Available in Crystal Clear, Spectrum Bronze and Prism Rose, it delivers the prettiest, dewiest hit of radiance to face and body, and works across most skin tones.

The de-puff pioneers

The reason I know Legology’s lymph-boosting range works is because I had one of its leg treatments, and the before-and-after results were jaw-dropping. It was also very inspiring, because it showed just how much can be achieved in a mere 60 minutes with a great therapist and good products. If you want similar results, you need to make body brushing a part of your life; take a ‘Scandi shower’ (alternate warm- and cold-water shower jets over legs and hips) a few times a week; and spend time every day massaging in Legology’s Cellu-Lite Salon Secret for Legs or Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs – or mix both together. It’s essentially a treatment range for heavy, puffy thighs and calves, but it works just as well on waists, stomach and upper arms – and the Air-Lite gel is perfect to use before and after a long flight.

The best body creams

Depending on your preferred texture, these are three of the best:

1. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Anti-Aging Body Cream offers the perfect consistency for virtually every skin type and – like her famous skincare – sinks in quickly to deeply moisturize, without feeling too rich or heavy.

2. Vanderohe No.1 Enhancing Body Serum is more of an oil, but leaves chronically dry skin with the most beautiful healthy glow. Comprising oils and essential oils, it works wonders on arid shins, as well as dry arms and shoulders.

3. U Beauty The Super Body Hydrator has the same cosseting creamy texture as the excellent Super Hydrator, and works beautifully to treat dry, dehydrated skin, fast – leaving it looking and feeling velvety-soft.