The Beauty Memo

7 of the best new beauty buys to try now

The new and exciting products worth investing in – tried and tested by PORTER’s beauty desk

Illustration, Willa Gebbie

THE GLOW-GIVING AMPOULES Royal Fern Phytoactive Illuminating Ampoules

Created by German dermatologist Dr Timm Golueke, this is a standout treatment from an already excellent skincare range. After using one potent ampoule daily for 15 days, you’ll notice a real difference between ‘before and after’. The only problem is I gave these to a friend to try, so she is the one with the incredibly even-toned, visibly luminous, satiny skin that everyone is commenting on. Newby Hands

THE DEEP-TREATMENT BODY LOTION Augustinus Bader The Body Lotion

Treating the body just as beautifully and effectively as it does the skin on our face, Augustinus Bader’s light lotion has all the high-tech skincare – including its famous vitamin- and amino-acid-rich repairing complex – that we expect from the brand, but in this new sinks-in-fast formula. It’s ideal for warmer temperatures or a more humid climate, or for those who like their body care to be lighter in texture than a richer cream. What I love most is how it leaves bare skin looking so silky, nourished and smooth. NH


This sleek bottle not only keeps water chilled for 24 hours (or hot for 12 hours), it goes one clever step further to also keep it clean, sanitized and tasting fridge-fresh even when you drink it the next day, so there’s no waste. Using UV-C LED light, it automatically comes on every two hours for a 10-second cleaning cycle, destroying 99.99 percent of pathogens in normal mode (or 99.9999 in adventure mode, which might not sound like much of a difference, but is important for water that comes from a stream or other natural source). Plus, it ensures no musty day-after smell. Genius. NH


If you have fine or very straight hair, you will be all too familiar with the time, effort and product that goes into creating the merest suggestion of volume. Now, I’m happy to say, there’s an easier way to create volume without having to resort to layers of styling product. The GHD Rise effectively mimics what your hair stylist does with a round brush and hairdryer but without any faff or particular effort on your part. The ‘smooth touch’ bristles allow for close contact with your roots and grip onto your hair, pulling it taut to create instant lift. Section your hair before wrapping it around the brush barrel and holding in place for a few seconds for the shape to set. Suzanne Scott

THE NEXT-GEN MATTE LIP COLOR Christian Louboutin Beauty Rouge Louboutin Fluid Matte Lip Color

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with matte lip colors: we love the bold, velvety look; we hate that tight, drying and uncomfortable feel. But this new collection from Christian Louboutin Beauty goes all out on color with none of the negatives of many matte options. Lipsticks in the range glide on like a lip lacquer and quickly settle into something soft and powdery – they feel moisturizing and comfortable, even after hours of wear. Plus, once on, they stay put and won’t transfer, smudge or bleed. Available in 13 shades, each a take on red, there’s something to suit all skin undertones. SS

THE HOME-LUXURY UPDATE L’Objet home fragrancing

Many of us have spent more time in our homes than usual over the past few months, and the result is a surge in sales of scented candles and homewares to make our spaces more enjoyable. Now, L’Objet has taken our obsession and made these treasured items even more luxurious. Scented candles are turned into an object of desire with hand-crafted porcelain and natural aromatics, and incense sticks have been updated so they smell like a fine fragrance. Every piece is unique and covetable. SS

THE DO-IT-ALL CLEANSING BALM Sisley-Paris Triple-Oil Balm Make-Up Remover & Cleanser

Cleansing balms are usually great for the evening because their texture allows them to break down the day’s grime and dissolve makeup while nourishing skin; Sisley Paris’ formula does this and more. Massage a dime-sized amount of the balm onto dry skin and see how it almost instantly transforms into a silky oil. It quickly breaks down usually immovable full-coverage foundation, waterproof mascara and brow gel, but doesn’t sting your eyes or cause your vision to temporarily turn cloudy like so many other cleansers do. It’s also the ideal texture for a light facial massage, so take the opportunity to spend a few minutes to really work it into your jawline and facial muscles. SS