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3 Ways To Style Short Hair, According To This Celebrity Hairdresser

Hair guru LACY REDWAY is one of the most in-demand pros in Hollywood, covering both high-fashion hair techniques and red-carpet glam with ease. Here, she shares her styling secrets for short hair with MALENA HARBERS – including her refreshingly simple tip for keeping strands healthy and hydrated

In order of appearance: Taylor Russell (wearing strapless black dress), Michelle Williams, Jourdan Dunn and Lupita Nyong’o

If, like a slew of A-listers, you fell hard for summer’s short-hair trend, there are plenty of ways to reinvigorate your cut for fall. While shorter styles don’t usually lend themselves to being tied back, they can be easy to maintain with the right cut and styling prowess. “Styling short hair can be easy once you know how to care for it properly,” affirms Redway. The key here is to keep your hair in perfect condition, as damaged ends tend to be even more visible when they’re sitting above the shoulder. “The first thing I would say for short hair of all textures is to invest in a silk or satin pillowcase to keep your hair moisturized, as cotton pillowcases can strip your hair of its natural oils.” Here, Redway shares more of her top styling tips…

Go big on volume

If your hair is fine, a one-length cut is ideal, as too many layers can make fine hair look thin and wispy. When styling fine, short hair, “use a volumizing spray to boost the shape,” says Redway. “To maximize volume, use hot Velcro rollers or pin-curl your hair at the base. For straight hair, invest in quality hot tools to style your lengths [such as a curling iron or flat iron to bend or wave]. Don’t use an iron with a width that is larger than the length of your hair, though.” If you’re short on time for hot-tool styling, simply shift your parting to the side – it’s an easy but very effective way to add volume to otherwise flat strands.

Set thick or coarse hair with a wrap lotion

If you have thick, coarse or kinky hair, Redway recommends finding a stylist that specializes in your hair type to help you maintain shape. That said, you can still get a sleek look at home if you use the right products to set hair in place. On towel-dried hair, start by combing your pixie, bob or lob in the direction you want it to lie in. Next, “apply a wrap lotion [a conditioning foam or lotion] or hair mousse to set and smooth your hair,” says Redway. It’s essential to apply it in the direction you want your hair to lie, and use a comb to really work the product through your hair. “Next, tie your hair down [if it’s long enough] and allow the lotion or mousse to dry completely before styling any further, as the products will set your hair in place when dry,” says Redway. “For the most effective result, use a hooded dryer while drying the product into your hair. Once it’s completely dry, massage a dry oil over the top. This softens the wrap lotion or mousse while adding shine to your hair.” Finally, use a comb to break up pieces of hair if you want a bit of movement, and use your usual styling products for structure and added shine.

Define your curls

“For short wavy or curly hair types, use a curl cream or gel to help define your curls,” says Redway. “With an edge brush, apply a small amount of the product around the nape and sides of your hair before tying it down or using no-crease clips to keep everything in place.” Once dry, use your fingers to comb through the curls if you want a slightly looser, more ‘undone’ finish.


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