7 of the best sleep masks

How to make sure your skin looks rested even when you’re not? Meet the masks that have a permanent spot in the PORTER beauty team’s night-time regime


FOR GETTING A GLOW James Read Sleep Mask Tan Face

There is a reason this tanning sleep mask has become a staple among the beauty team: not only does it produce a softly sun-kissed glow the morning after, its skincare benefits also set it apart from a conventional tanner. The hyaluronic acid, red algae and aloe vera help to moisturize and tone as the tan develops on the skin, and, best of all, it is completely colorless, so bed linen remains stain-free.

FOR DEHYDRATED SKIN MZ Skin Replenish & Restore Placenta & Stem Cell Night Recovery Mask

This hydrating treatment mask is incredibly moisturizing – so much so, you’ll notice a difference to skin in as little as two hours. Aside from fast results, it also helps protect from future dryness. Apply it once a week and you’ll notice a real improvement in the overall texture of your face.

FOR WHEN YOU’RE TIRED BUT WIRED Bynacht Nocturnal Signature Anti-Age Cream

Cleverly combining therapeutic aromatherapy oils with active ingredients, this has been designed not only to help promote a restful night’s sleep but to boost the condition of your skin. For an intensive hit of anti-agers, this is your night-time powerhouse, packed full of marine collagen to repair and nourish, and gold to kick-start luminosity.


For those who require minimal light when it comes to their sleep regime, Slip’s eye mask has fast become a night-time savior. While it does the obvious, just like Slip’s cult pillowcases, the mulberry silk also reduces hair and skin friction for an anti-aging, anti-sleep-creasing effect. And for those who suffer from blemishes, the silk doesn’t clog pores, either.

FOR LONG-HAUL FLIGHTS 111SKIN Meso Infusion Overnight Clinical Mask

In its handy 75ml tube, this gel treatment mask is ideal for using in-flight to combat the dehydrating effects of dry cabin air. With a cocktail of antioxidants, hydrators and anti-inflammatories, the mask melts into skin, leaving no residue. Layer this product up generously and look forward to velvety-soft, dewy skin by morning.

FOR CALMING STRESSED SKIN Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask

What happens overnight when wearing this mask is nothing short of a miracle, which is why it’s become a go-to for the PORTER beauty team. Overworked and overtired skin is soothed, but it’s the texture that truly transforms into a velvety finish. And because the mask leaves skin so hydrated, any foundation or tinted moisturizer blends in seamlessly on top.

FOR CHEATING SLEEP This Works Sleep Power Recharge Mask

If sleep is proving hard to come by, your skin doesn’t have to take the brunt. This power sleep mask revs up skin’s nightly repair process with a hit of amino acids, smoothing skin and minimizing dark spots and fine lines. And what makes this the perfect antidote to burning candles at both ends is that it also comes with a mini Sleep Power Nap Spray to calm down a stressed mind with a cocktail of lavender, vetivert and chamomile.


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