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The 3 Easy Brow Hacks You Won’t Believe You Never Knew

The difference a few simple tweaks to your brow routine can make is remarkable – and the new natural brow (think fluffy, textured and straighter, à la Kaia Gerber) requires minimal maintenance, pared-back products and one simple, genius trick. Here, arch expert AZI SACKS shares her secrets to getting better brows that stay in place…


Add a tint for texture

The treatment to have this summer is a brow tint. “It adds density to a lighter or sparse brow in the most natural way,” says Sacks. “This is where brows are headed – we’re moving away from the over-filled-in trend to a feathered, slightly boxy look. Tinting gives a much softer finish than techniques such as microblading and lamination, which looked great on Zoom and Instagram during lockdown, but not so much IRL.” It’s also worth noting that, according to Sacks, brow lamination really dries out hairs and can lead to sparse patches – whereas tinting is much gentler and won’t hold back regrowth. When it comes to shaping brows, avoid trimming hairs, too. “Your hair length is responsible for up to 90 percent of the ‘impact’ that your brow makes, so by over-trimming, you create a hard line and ‘shrink’ the brow.” The same applies to waxing and threading, so Sacks uses only tweezers on her clients. “Plucking allows you to be more selective and precise. Even if your brows are naturally thin, you want them looking fluffy and soft – not just a strong, sharp line.”

Stick to one product at a time

If there’s one product to have in your kit, make it a tinted brow gel. “I love the Rose Inc Brow Renew Enriched Shaping Gel because it’s wonderfully creamy (not stiff) – and the more color you add, the denser your brows look,” says Sacks. She suggests applying it as you would a mascara: pump the wand and make sure there’s not too much product on it before coating hairs. Give it a few seconds to set, then reapply. Meanwhile, to help with regrowth, while keeping brows in place, Sacks swears by La Bouche Rouge Eyebrow Serum Gel. Packed with pistachio oil, it stimulates keratin production – a key for hair growth. “It comes out of the tube very wet, so you’ll need to wipe off any excess, but it makes brows look super-shiny and is very pretty in summer. It’s truly the caviar of brow gels.” She notes that a brow powder will also work to build density, but a gel will last longer in heat and humidity – especially if you’re in and out of the water when you’re on vacation. “Stick to one or the other, and avoid pencils that are too waxy, as they can snag hairs and leave sparse patches over time,” she adds.

Backcomb your brows for an instant refresh

When you’re out all day or braving heat and humidity, Sacks’ simple trick will refresh your brows in an instant: use a clean spoolie brush or a brow gel to gently sweep hairs upwards and inwards. “It’s almost as if you’re teasing your brows – it will instantly fluff them up and add freshness,” she says. If you’re without a tool, Sacks suggests using your fingers to lightly push all your hair upwards. And if you already have a full brow and don’t need extra density, “use a spritz of pure rosewater, like Chantecaille’s face-mist formula, over hairs,” she says. “It’s super-hydrating so will soften and tame brows, while adding shine and a bit of hold – perfect if you’re on the beach or navigating a hot city locale.”


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