How To Choose A Cult Centerpiece For Your Space

Designing a room requires a harmonious blend of decorative items, but how do you select one to draw focus and take center stage? From impactful artwork to one-of-a-kind objects and unexpected scene-stealers, these are the elements to consider when choosing your talking point. By KATIE BERRINGTON

Clockwise from top left: framed Guy Bourdin print, AP8; rose-quartz obelisk, Jia Jia; glass jar, Helle Mardahl; ceramic candle holder, Laetitia Rouget; ceramic vase, Completedworks; ceramic jug vase, Anissa Kermiche; glass candle holders, Mrs. Alice; porcelain vase, La DoubleJ; marble lips ornament, Kelly Wearstler

A compelling print

Artwork can instantly transform a space, helping to set the tone, punctuate a minimalist aesthetic with personality and character, or break up larger, open areas. Indeed, the beauty of choosing art for a centerpiece is that it provides the perfect opportunity to inject a more experimental, bolder visual – in color, mood or style – than you might otherwise favor across the rest of your interior.

A vase with a twist

Whether formed in pleasing contours or playful silhouettes, a vase worthy of centerpiece status forgoes a classic shape for something more enthralling. Look to the likes of Anissa Kermiche’s now-iconic curvaceous ceramics, the cool, draped effects of those by Completedworks, and the joyful maximalism of La DoubleJ for a purposeful piece that also serves as a sculptural adornment.

The one-of-a-kind object

Whether grandiose or subtle, seek out talking-point pieces to inspire and give each room focus – interesting forms, touch-me textures and luxurious materials all have perennial appeal. Look to Kelly Wearstler’s hand-sculpted marble ornaments, Jia Jia’s unique crystals and L’Objet’s contemporary crafted dishes for eye-catching designs. Then, display on a mantelpiece, vanity or side table to draw attention to particular areas, including any architectural features you are keen to highlight.

Scene-stealing tableware

When the water jug takes center stage in a tablescape, you know you’ve found the perfect vessel. Whether you have a sleek, matching set of tableware or a jubilant curation of clashing pieces, surprise guests by selecting a strikingly designed item that isn’t normally in the limelight. Case in point: brands such as Vanderohe Curio and Helle Mardahl give glassware a dreamy elevation in tonal shades, while Dinosaur Designs brings an artful, swirled effect with vivid resin vessels.

Scented centerpieces

Candles are essential for creating ambience, and should be displayed to maximize their impact. Choose holders suitably statuesque to elevate tall, tapered designs – we love enchanting, whimsical pieces from the likes of Mrs. Alice and Laetitia Rouget, plus sculptural iterations from Tom Dixon to cast a sense of drama over the dining table. For a contemporary twist, Loewe Home Scents’ all-wax candles in pretty pastels and rich hues make a sensational, beautifully scented addition.