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Mind & Body

Melanie Whelan’s AM/PM routine

As the CEO of global fitness brand SoulCycle, MELANIE WHELAN knows a lot about living life at a fast pace – but how does this wellness warrior get the most out of her day as efficiently as possible?



As soon as I wake up…

…I’m on my email. It’s a bad habit, I know, but I need to cover my inbox, the headlines and my schedule for the day ahead. With SoulCycle studios from California to London, we’re operating a lot of hours of the day.

Before I get to the office…

…I do three things: drink seltzer water with a squeeze of lemon (I love La Croix water); get my caffeine hit (I’m a cold brew coffee junkie); and eat a banana.

I’m usually on a SoulCycle bike by 8am…

…in New York City we have 20 studios, so it’s super easy. The best thing about SoulCycle is that it’s a 45-minute full-body indoor cycling workout, so you get both weights and cardio in one session.

Facial oils are essential…

…I use one for day and another for night. I love Sunday Riley skincare and swear by its Luna Sleeping Night Oil and U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil. I also see a dermatologist twice a year for a full check-up, and I go for regular facials at the Tribeca MedSpa.

I don’t like to eat meals during the day…

…as it slows me down, so I eat boiled eggs, bags of nuts or an energy bar to keep me fueled. I love Tosi SuperBites, which are high in protein, and Perfect Bars, which are delicious nut-butter bars – the peanut butter one is so good.

  • Mesh-trimmed stretch sports bra
  • Starlight printed stretch leggings
  • U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil, 35ml
  • Workout Wonder™ Invigorating Muscle Motivating Gel, 100ml
  • Luna Sleeping Night Oil, 35ml
  • Allover Jade Roller
  • Panama Make It Happen textured-leather notebook
  • Intensive Hand Cream, 65ml


Gel manicures are non-negotiable…

…and have made all the difference in my life, given how much physical work I do. I go to Tenoverten in Tribeca every two weeks, where they use non-toxic polishes. I usually go for a nude-pink color.

I personal train twice a week…

…and strength train on my own once a week. I started earlier this year and I’ve noticed such a change in my energy levels and my strength on the bike. I meditate on my bike in class. You’re away from technology with someone coaching you through obstacles – it’s really powerful, and it’s where I get my emotional health from.

Water is my jet-lag savior…

…I drink between six and eight liters 24 hours before I travel, especially if I’m traveling long-haul, and again 24 hours after I land. It makes such a difference to my skin and my energy levels.

Lists make all the difference…

…I write one at the beginning of every week, usually on Sunday night, and on Friday I tick it all off. As a family we also make a weekly Whelan Plan, particularly as my husband travels for work too. Every Friday afternoon we lock down the plan for the coming week – who is doing drop-off and pick-up, who is traveling, who is out in the evening. It then gets emailed to the whole team including babysitters, my parents and the housekeeper.

I love to read before bed…

…especially historical fiction, and I’ve just finished The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah – it made me cry. I also have a jade face roller that I use before bed, which helps me to relax.

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