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The Beauty Memo

The best new beauty buys to try now

The latest, greatest products worth investing in – tried and tested by PORTER’s beauty desk

Illustration by Willa Gebbie

The ground-breaking hair protein

When it comes to my hair, I am in a constant tug-of-war with frizz – so much so that I surrender to regular permanent blow-dries – but Virtue is my savior. It’s the first brand to use keratin sourced from human hair, which means it’s more compatible with our own strands. The protein paves over damaged areas, making it ideal for anyone who dyes and heat-styles their hair or suffers from frizz (surely everyone). It won’t replace my beloved permanent blow-dry, but I’m relying on it more and more in-between appointments for additional smoothing. The range is extensive – I recommend starting with the Restorative Treatment Mask for extra nourishment. Suzanne Scott

The oil that feels good while doing good

Costa Brazil Kaya Jungle Firming Body Oil ticks all the boxes necessary for beauty today (sustainable; natural; ethically sourced; cleanly packaged), and it has Francisco Costa (yes, the ex-designer of Calvin Klein) as its founder, but the main reason I love it is because it’s a joy to use. Blending three natural Amazon oils and resins, it deep-treats desert-dry skin, especially on shins and bumpy backs of arms. Having always been a super-fan of natural oils – nothing else, I think, gives skin quite the same suppleness and healthy glow – I’m tough on newcomers, but this passes all my tests: it smells beautiful, sinks in fast, and it does good on every level, from supporting the people and environment where it’s sourced to transforming bare skin. Newby Hands

The vitamin C update

Vitamin C is a skincare staple – it’s an antioxidant, boosts new collagen, and evens and brightens skin tone – but finding one that’s nice to use is not easy. Which is why I really like Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C Serum – it manages to blend stable, potent vitamin C with a silky, luxurious and ultra-hydrating (it has hyaluronic acid) serum. Your skin will look brighter in just a few days. NH

The beauty buy you didn’t know you needed…

Who knew that pubic hair needed a beauty treatment all of its own? But more than just another product to use on yet another part of your body, Fur Oil is a smart addition to your summer beauty regimen. A blend of natural grapeseed and jojoba oils, it has tea tree and clary sage to calm and soothe post-waxing, plus it helps minimize in-growing hairs, making it great to use on your bikini line and underarms. NH

The subtle illuminator

When I recently sat down with Rose-Marie Swift, makeup artist and founder of RMS Beauty, I couldn’t stop staring at her glowing skin. Her secret, she told me, was using strategic amounts of RMS Luminizing Powder in Midnight Hour on the tops of her cheeks, outer edges of her forehead and a very light dusting on the bridge of her nose. When I tried it, what impressed me most was that this cold-pressed powder is deeply hydrating, melting into the skin to give a rose-tinted glow. Danielle Fox

The flyaway tamer

Hairstylist Larry King spends much of his time getting celebrities ready for the red carpet, but his eponymous line of products is all about making it easier to get great-looking hair every day. Case in point: his A Social Life For Your Hair Finishing Cream is perfect for taming baby hairs, especially around the hairline. Use a pea-sized amount on top of a dry toothbrush and smooth in towards the crown. Genius! DF

Upgrade your caffeine fix

Bulletproof coffee is created using three parts – coffee, fat and MCT (medium chain fatty acids) oil, usually derived from coconut. After drinking, the anecdotal evidence ranges from a sharper brain, a happier outlook and longer-lasting energy. The science goes even further: studies have shown that MCT can benefit your workout, aid weight loss and even help with cognitive function. Blend 1 to 4 teaspoons of Ancient + Brave True MCT Oil into your daily coffee, your smoothie or even drink it straight up to discover the benefits yourself. DF