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Art of Style

Meet the model: Frederikke Sofie


AGE: 21


RÉSUMÉ: Scouted at a concert in Copenhagen when she was 14, Sofie and her Pre-Raphaelite curls have starred in campaigns for every major brand from Fendi and Dior to Celine and Chloé

EMBRACE WHAT YOU’RE BORN WITH. In my younger years I played around with my hair a lot because I thought it was boring to have it long and pretty, but my agent and the clients preferred it, and I really like it too, so it’s been long and wild for a while now. I actually cut my hair off when I got scouted at 14, because I had this weird side parting and I wanted to start over. I wasn’t bald but it was really short. Now, I love my curls – I wouldn’t change them.

I KEEP IT NATURAL. My curls get really boring if I’ve slept on them, so I wash my hair every morning even though a lot of hairdressers would probably say I shouldn’t. If it’s dry and frizzy I would maybe use a hair mask but I don’t have a routine. I sometimes use Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It hair crème, otherwise I just let it be.

I TRY NOT TO OVERDRESS. In dressing myself, I try to be seen as something more serious and smarter than what people might think of you when you’re a model. I don’t like to present myself too much like a female figure, I try to find somewhere in-between. And I keep it very simple, I try not to overdress. I’m most likely to wear a good pair of pants and a sweater with flats – you’ll rarely see me in heels.

In dressing myself, I try to be seen as something more serious and smarter than what people might think of you when you’re a model

IT’S WEIRD HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING AND WATCHING ME. It’s a nice, exciting feeling, but also it’s a little crazy. And, of course, it makes me think about how I get dressed more. I would like to say it doesn’t, that I don’t care, but the truth for every model is that we do think about it. It’s an unspoken pressure; there are so many cameras following you and you don’t know where those pictures end up or how people will think about you, so of course it’s a thing that you consider before you walk out the door. I feel very honored and humbled by people’s interest.

I WEAR GLASSES BECAUSE I NEED TO. My whole family wears glasses so it’s been a part of my life forever. Instead of seeing it as annoying, I’ve always tried to embrace it rather than hide it and get contacts. I have a lot of pairs! Sometimes I’ll change them within a week and sometimes I wear them for a long time, but I like that I have choices.


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