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Art of Style

Get dressed with Jenny Tsang

Thanks to her quietly luxurious style, creative director JENNY TSANG’s beautifully curated Instagram serves up never-ending outfit inspiration. This is how she does it…

Oversized outerwear over jeans or pants is the creative director’s go-to look

Have fall-back outfits

“My style is modern, minimal and all about balancing feminine and masculine elements. Oversized outerwear and blazers are my thing; I’ll throw one on over jeans most days – it’s my fall-back outfit. In the last few years I’ve become more aware of the importance of shopping sustainably. Now, before I make a purchase, I ask myself, how many times will I wear this piece? When it comes to dressing for summer in the city, silk slip dresses are my go-to – they look effortless when worn with a blazer and white sneakers. Fashion Week is always a great opportunity to experiment with my look – I get out of my comfort zone and play with different colors, layers and silhouettes – but it’s important to realize you don’t have to try every trend. For instance, I just can’t wear leopard print. It’s about finding what works for you.”


Have a point of view

“I love strong women with singular vision. I am a huge fan of Victoria Beckham; her collections have just gotten better and better, and I love how her look is feminine, clean and sharp – it’s so timeless. Gabriela Hearst is another designer with impeccable taste – her take on tailoring is incredible. If you’re looking for an outfit to wear to a wedding, a suit is a great alternative to a traditional floral dress. Don’t be afraid to do your own thing.”

Tsang’s vacation must-packs include round-frame sunglasses and playful bags

Build a vacation capsule closet

“I have a lot of fun with my vacation look. Most of the time I gravitate towards earthy, muted colors, but when I’m on a tropical getaway I try to wear brighter pieces, even if it’s just a playful bag or sandals. I always overpack, but my one tip is using packing cubes – they’re removable zipped compartments for your suitcase, and are great for staying organized when you’re on the move. The one thing I never feel fully dressed without is a pair of sunglasses – cat-eye sunglasses and round frames are my favorites, but Gucci also has really fun oversized pairs. Honestly, I don’t have an in-flight routine; I’m really good at sleeping on flights so that’s my priority. If I manage to put on a sheet mask before passing out, that’s a bonus.”

Edit your essentials

“I’m really low-maintenance when it comes to hair and beauty, I have a handful of products that I love and use every single day. I swear by Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray as I usually wear my hair down and it helps add volume and dimension. In terms of makeup, 95% of the time I go for a natural look. For me that means Lilah B. Crème Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in Pillow Talk (I always use brown on my eyes, even for eyeliner, to stop my look from being too harsh) and a coral lipstick. Recently I’ve been experimenting with a super-thin slick of neon eyeliner – it’s a whole new zone for me and it looks great with my Prada bucket hat.”

Find your inspiration

“I was born in Hong Kong so it’s always felt like home to me, but I grew up in the US and now I’m based between the two. They are like totally different worlds. Obviously, the weather in LA is incredible. That’s one of the things I love about LA style – it basically always feels like summer so there are loads of opportunities to wear summer dresses, bright colors and lighter fabrics. Hong Kong is very different – it’s about modern luxury, elegance and diversity; I get so much wardrobe inspiration from people watching when I’m there.”

Tsang’s look is heavily influenced by traveling between LA and Hong Kong

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